Monday, June 5, 2017

youth conference

I am totally overwhelmed with gratitude with the dedication, wonderful inspired ideas, endless service hours from the volunteers that put together youth conference.  Because as the parent of a child who went, it was PRICELESS and the greatest gift!   Thank you thank you.

Luke loooooved it.  He had so much fun.  What great kids we have in our stake, the world is going to be just fine I tell you because the future looks BRIGHT!!!

So grateful for the giants Ethan and McCray who were Luke's companions and such a good influence on him.  Seriously those boys I have not met but he only raved about.  Thanks for being nice to the younger kid!  Thanks for Teak whoever you are for talking football with him and all the kids who played piano who were super awesome and gave him something to shoot for.

Grateful for his mission presidents the Millers who I know always put their heart and soul into everything and just want those youth to feel everything so much!  Grateful for Brother Snow who drove around my son for 4 hours on a Saturday so he could be on splits with the missionaries in Van Nuys, grateful for the good missionaries who took him with him, and the families who let them in.  Thanks to all the people who spoke and prepared and took time out of their life for SERVICE!  Thanks for all the other parents of these amazing youth for teaching your kids so my kid has some dang amazing kids to be friends with!

Luke came home talking his head off about it, saying how MUCH FUN it was! Church was fun, the world is a beautiful place i tell ya.  He only ever talks that much after football practice.

icing on the cake, Luke bore his testimony of The Book of Mormon both to investigators and at testimony meeting thanks to some prodding by Brittney.

His highlights were the Sky High high were he dunked it with the boys and his leaders.  He said Jason did some too before he grabbed his walker ;)  Lukes words not mine.

Saturday was church dress and the spiritual day and while Luke said he was preparing himself not to have as much fun because of that he said it was awesome!  He loved it.

Thanks for all who made the food and cleaned up the food, you fed my boy for 2 days!  For whoever made those cute shirts that are actually cool to wear and don't look too churchy ;)

What a great way to kick off summer!  Couldn't be happier that Luke got to benefit from all this! He would completely agree.

When the Millers told me that they felt like they didn't make much of an impact this weekend, I told Luke and he was just as incredulous as I was.  Every single person made an impact and it was HUGE!

PS. the theme was all missionary work with the catch phrase ANSWER THE CALL!

I forgot to add that Luke was called to the Colorado mission.  They used the location of wherever the mission president served and then you ate dinner from that area....Luke had rocky mountain oysters!!!! which are testicles!!!!!  It made for an exciting nite .  He said they were chewy but not bad.  :)


Beth said...

This is so cool I can't wait til Tyler can go!!!

Lindsey said...

That sounds amazing!!!! So cool!!

Brandon Walter Evans said...

Awesome. Lots if work