Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New Normal

So our prayers were answered very quickly (hey praying for specifics works) and Jason got another six month contract and started back work on Monday.

A month is not bad at all, pretty awesome especially compared to 9!

We will take it and perfect timing too.

He started teaching seminary at 5:50 a.m. when he wasn't working, then started back working the one week there was no seminary (spring break) and then next week will do both together...great transition.  Love when the details come together like that.

Negative Nelly (me) over here though needs a kick in the pants.  Cause a normal person would be very glad about their husband getting a job right?  And a normal person would not be whining that it was just when spring break started right? Or that why couldn't it be permanent already?  Or why did he want to eat at Taco Bell of all places to celebrate?  At least they have mountain dew. 

All you freelance people are amused by me I'm sure.  Or actors or cinematographers.  Or ones who own their own business or are still in school and a million others who have been at the ebb and flow of income longer than we have.  So please forgive me for still adjusting. 

So yes I'm very happy even if had gotten really used to that mid morning bath I was taking when Jason was home.  Cause I was determined to enjoy any perk that no job brings and that meant I volunteered in the classroom a bunch too (sorry teachers, having the quit again, but our house payment is glad!) and found my independence again.  

I'm seriously so weird though sometimes I don't understand why I have such a hard time with change even the good kind!!

Maybe its because I have such an active imagination and was already dreaming of finding a way to live on the same street as my mother?  Or Texas by my sister, Texas is nice?

Good thing there was general conference to help buffer it because there were some things I needed to here/  

Like that talk by President Uchtdorf on GRATITUDE.  Yep, that one was for me.

And the one by Elder Bednar on carrying a heavy load and spiritual traction.  Wow that was mine as well.  He literally said...Happiness is not the absence of a (heavy) load.  And I'm realizing my load might seem super easy to someone else but sometimes buries me!

And then when President Monson was talking about charity in the home....sorry folks, that was only to me.  and shoot I have lots of room for improvement cause spring break has been kicking my butt!!  Love you children but sometimes motherhood feels like drowning...I don't think any of us ate an actual meal the whole day...not good.

Had a much needed blessing last night and ready to start over.  Love a good redo.  Still haven't showered but that is A-okay!  A few rooms got cleaned and I am not missing lunch! hmmmm...what should we eat? 

By the way, Jason thinks he is gonna love what he is doing at work.  And I will try and better adjust to the on and off again that might just the new normal.  and try not to cry wolf.

Dear Future self who reads this, YOU ARE A SLOW LEARNER!  But its okay I forgive you so just go eat some chocolate and move forward. 


RachelAA said...

YES! One of my favorite quotes from conference. And for the record, Spring Break is totally kicking my butt, too.

Sarah said...

Chill bumps. I was kinda dreaming of you in dothan too. But we have a loooong life ahead. Never know whats around the next corner! Love you from alabama!!!! You are an amazing woman mother and friend. Keep your chin up! And those knees to the floor ;)

Beth said...

You are just the best! Spring break is hard bc we just aren't used to ALL THE KIDS!!!

Jenna Gunson said...

So Happy for you guys! What a blessing!!

Nancy Jo said...

Still looking for Jason a job in Alabama : )

christy said...

Change is hard for us humans especially the kind you can't predict. Glad Jason has some income again and doing what he enjoys. Those are both important. I loved conference too and I'm trying to be nicer to my kids. Not always easy. ;)

Sara Jane said...

Yeah so glad for temporary relief, but I get that whole uncertainty thing. You had a permanent job for a long time, so it not being permanent is a HUGE adjustment. Hope your spring break goes okay! They are pretty rough sometimes :).

Mindy said...

Oh YAY! So relieved for you guys! Keep the faith! We'll get our men permanent work someday... :-)