Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Did I mention Darby turned 12

It was a big deal here I promise.

But somehow I neglected to write it on the blog?  Until I was going to post about Ivy.  I guess my new trend is lateness? Thats cool I can own it.

Darby has been thrilled to turn 12 and enter young womens!  What neat yw leaders she has that have made her transition so special. Hand making special holders for her temple recommend and personal progress books, coming over to tell her about yw and the strength of youth, and kid napping her with the girls for ice cream!

There are certain kids who don't ask for much and certain kids who have quite a list, and well Darby falls in that later category but we made all her dreams happen!

She wanted to camp outside with her dad (the rest of the family came too).  She wanted crepes for dessert (since I have boycotted them for breakfast).  Hmmm....what else?  She wanted tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Oh yes, the big news is Darby has a phone!!!!!

a flip phone in new McCoy tradition.

She wanted to play the googly eyes game with the family.  And watched Parent trap.

oh yes, the bummer part was Jason was out of town all week at Disneyworld for work.

So we skipped school on Darby's birthday and played at Disneyland.  We didn't make it all day though and she was able to have in and out for dinner and then we went to her first wednesday nite young women activity.

now enjoy some lovely pictures of my oldest girl, Darby

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Lindsey said...

We love you Darby!! What a smart, good, pretty, kind, creative girl you have grown up to be! Can't wait to see you! We sure miss you!