Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Ashley's baptism

Ashley got baptized and we had been praying for her as a family for a month?  We were able to have her take two lessons from the missionaries at our house and that is the most amazing thing, never pass up that opportunity.  Luke and Darby both were really impacted by that.  

But that Ashley was a tough nut to crack and she said she wanted an answer from God like a frying pan so thats what we prayed for, Ashley to get her frying pan answer.  Of course when we put Ivy on it, she was remembered much more and we had her family over a few times for dinner.  

So when we heard she was actually going to get baptized we were so excited, but then she asked Luke to speak at her baptism!  She said she didn't want it long or too short or awkward and if it sucked she wasn't getting baptized!  Tough order!  Well Luke was sweating about it all week and put hours and hours into a wonderful talk.  It was so good and I know he learned a lot in the process.  He spoke with confidence and the spirit and know it strengthened his testimony too.  Yes I know I talk so much about church stuff on here, but guess what church stuff is so cool!  Elder Clark busted his butt to help her get to this point and he was able to baptize her.  Jason confirmed her on Sunday and gave her the gift of the Holy Ghost which was really neat too.  Jason has been there home teacher for over a year now at least and neat to see the change in their family.  

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