Sunday, December 16, 2012

Our Christmas Card

Ya know I love sending out our Christmas cards.  But lets be real.  If you read my blog you know everything about us.  In fact its probably you better send me yours so I can catch up.  Southern California is still treating us great, loved the beach this summer, and are finally getting our first bite of colder weather. 

Info on the McCoy family of seven. 

Jason - nearly 37.  Looking for a job, have any leads?  We have loved having him home.  The kids have often commented on their wish coming true with their dad home so much.  So thank you Hammer, for this forced stay-cation.  Our home projects list is also getting checked off, the man has skillz.  Jason did the Tough Mudder this year in July.  Jason's parents are serving a two year mission in Argentina and we have loved hearing about their experience. 

Brooke - Dude, what do I say about myself?  I finally have some gray hair!  We had 6 flags passes this year since we live 15 minutes away and it was like my own Kilimanjaro taking all five by myself there.  Staying at home and selling Paparazzi which is why I'm looking especially bedazzled when you see me.  Serious, the girls are jealous.  One of my highlights was seeing my brother Brandon getting married to Alvhild. 

Luke - 4th grade, loved playing flag football, reading and re-reading books, and being in cub scouts.  Worshiped by and watches out for his little sisters. 

Darby - mom #2, (thank you Darby!) in  2nd grade, colors or writes in all her free time.  Loves shopping and reading late in her bed.  Getting ready for her baptism.

Baylie - Kindergartener.  Really, the highlight was hearing that she got sent to the principals office because she wouldn't stop kissing another student.  Darby is her BFF.  Baylie loves riding her bike.

Paisley - 3 years old. Loves helping mom cook and bake.  Loves puzzles.  Rocks out with mom during Zumba and boot camp. 

Ivy - 18 months.  apparently hates her picture being taken for the Christmas card.  Loves the ipad and these days!  No shortage of love and affection from her older siblings.  Has a deep laugh like a bear. 

We have been so blessed all year but especially these last 3 months while Jason has been unemployed.  We feel the prayers from everyone on our behalf and are so grateful for the angels who have helped us in tangible ways.  The Savior is aware of us and of you always.  We have a good feeling about 2013 even though the future is unknown.  We have faith and trust in God and are grateful for this time we have had to have our eyes opened to the love He has for us.  We thought we knew.  We are so lucky to be apart of such great families even though we are spread apart. 

"God does notice us, and he watched over us.  But it is usually through another person that he meets our needs." Spencer W. Kimball

Our hearts go out to the families in Connecticut who have lost their loved ones this week.  Thankfully Christ is aware of all his children. Just when it seems that there is so much loss and misery and destruction in the world, we know there is still so much good.   We have great hope for the future of our children because they will be in it!

We can't wait to go visit Alabama after Christmas for two weeks, especially since we will be there for the Alabama game!  It has been a long time since we have been there and thanks to Brooke's parents for hosting us!

and now, with a little indecisiveness on my part.  Here is our annual family picture!

apparently this last one we had a bit of mustache confusion.  half on, half off.

Thanks Becky O for taking our picture and for putting up with my cranky self!


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Beth said...

One of the best things I did this year was move down the street from you and the rest of the McCoy clan!! Thanks for being so awesome. :) Love your virtual card. Love the mustaches

Lindsey said...

very fun read on everyone and cute and fun pictures with the mustaches. Jason's mustache reminds me of Dad!

Rojahn Family said...

Oh my gosh, I love it! You guys are awesome and we love you. And you're right, we are praying for you. Just did about 10 minutes before I read this. Wonderful pictures! Great way to send out your card. Wish I'd thought of it! I'm not sure why it says Rojahn Famiky on my oodles thing, but okay. Lol

Nancy Jo said...

LOVED your Christmas card!!! The pictures turned out great! Mustaches hilarious! Can't wait for you to come to Alabama!!

Unknown said...

Love everything about this post! Love you guys! Brooke you have such a beautiful family inside and out <3 can't wait to see you soon!

Brandon Walter Evans said...

kissing a boy !?

RachelAA said...

Beautiful message and fabulous pictures! Love the stache idea. You're gorgeous.

Mindy said...

AAAH! Love this! ...especially the mustache picture!

Phillips Family said...

The pictures turned out fabulous!!!! Mustaches totally fit ur families personality. And you're a beauty! Merry Christmas!

English Garden said...

Wohoo! great card, I don't think we are doing one this year because I'm not organized enough and I really don't need one more thing to do:) Totally love you guys and count is as one of our blessings to consider you as our friends. Is that a lot for sale next to you? I can dream about moving, I don't think we ever will. I think you should post a video tutorial on the hair curling, I need some serious help. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Sara Jane said...

Love the pics Brooke!
Love the curly hair too!

Aimee said...

Are you willing to relocate to Utah? If so, we'll put the networking word out around here.

Aimee said...

Also, miss you tons!

Alyssa Kekauoha said...

love the christmas cards! your family is so adorable and the mustache picture is definitely my favorite! :)