Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A dang good day

Today we swam at Laurie's pool and it was heaven. Thank you all my friends who invite us pool-less folk to your pools cause we love them. 

Only minimal sunburns too. 

Then we had fine dining at the costco and I sorta decided I might never go back there cause I so much prefer SAMs with fewer people. Also cause they have coke products and better pizza. 

Then we had family home evening...yes on a Tuesday... And went to baskin and Robbins and then watched a movie about Joseph smiths life and my cute boy was even tearing up... Shhh don't tell him I told you. 

Oh I'm sure gonna miss sure but decided where I'm gonna go on the first day of school... To the mall :) 

Also worked out at the park with awesome teacher Jenna and sure love that when I go... Plus it's free.  

Rusty in Ivys bed laying on my childhood comforter. 

Paisley playing with Jason's childhood favorite toy... 

My favorite quote of the day: boy this made me laugh. 

It's been kinda a I hate everyone and everything week but I never worry too much cause it usually wears off after a few days... Usually ;) 

Read this book was really interesting. Could have done without the chapter called higher education... It was TMI for me. But wow. What a story. 

Painting nails . 

Thankfully this room no longer looks like this and I'm much happier now that it doesn't. 

Saw my awesome pal Renee who lives in heber even though we took no dang pictures. She still looks like Hawaiian/Latin Barbie and I still love her. 

Been thinking about my pioneer heritage so much this week. What an amazing legacy! Family history is cool. 

Friday, July 18, 2014

Book picks

Ok so I wouldn't say that we have been reading tons this summer and was a slow start for that but have done others things like painting and being generally lazy. This was the summer of being unbusy. But at least we have read a few now that their teachers wouldn't be upset. 

Luke is in a fun stage now he doesn't want to read anything new but just reread anything. I don't know why this bothers me but mostly maybe it's because he doesn't trust my recommendation even though I'm the one who introduced him to the favorites he keeps reading. I am officially not cool folks. 

Jason and I have tried to watch movies at home at nite since we have been light on babysitters. Last nite we watched the last lord of the rings with Luke ...poor frodo and sam, such a hard road. We decided everyone needs a Sam.  Also Luke talks as much as me in movies if not closer to his uncle Brandon level even . We are talkers what can I say? 

Crap this post was supposed to be about books. 

Darby loved both of these!

Luke's reread... Beyonders by Brandon mull. 

But said this was good. 

And we all liked this cute picture book and kids were even quoting it the next day which means it's a winner. 

Ok this last one wasn't a book but an excellent movie loved it. Great casting and heart. We got it from the library. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer adventures

I sort of want to throw up thinking about school starting in a month. Which is what is felt at the end of the year thinking about summer so maybe I just don't like change. But I'm going to miss these kids who I happen to think are the funniest, smartest, most attractive little people on the planet. Ya know when they aren't fighting over who has to sit where in the car or pointing out that my teeth look yellow... Oh man good thing I was blessed with an extra dose of self esteem cause I have five little critics! 

Ok enough bla bla bla here is what we have been up to. 

Of our weekly trips to the library ivy finally didn't scream her head off... Yay it's the small victory... Still peeing on the floor though. (Deep breath) 

Visiting dad at work . 

Free slurpees with fellow fly by the seat of our pants chamberlains and also we dressed up like cows and got free chick fil a . We has bells and udders but next year will do better. Would include the picture but my vanity won't allow it and sort of spawned me jumping on this terrible horrible 8 week diet some ladies were doing... Ya know like that one I won 6 or seven years ago? Let's hope I survive again. 

Did you know male dogs love to wear headbands? Well that do. Best dog ever!

Dear soccer world we are finally entering you. One toe at a time at least. Darby is a natural she did great and said mom it must be in my genes! 

Three cute watchers who wished they were playing too ... One day little padawan. 

And paisleys cavities are now filled. Love going to my brother in law the awesome wholistic dentist that didn't give shots or drill her three cavities! Hooray now please let's not do the cavity thing again for a while. 

Meanwhile got to visit my sister and dog jumped into the pool!

Please observe awesome Sadie in the jacuzzi . And then in this picture. She could not be more awesome. 

The double hammock :) 

Cute legs off to Irish dance! Did I mention that their teacher is a young 6 ft 6 in man? 

Hi Christie at byu if you are reading this! 

Old pals

Keeping in touch is not my strength.  Which is why it's such a treat to see an oldie but goodie like Claire dang Thompson! Love that lady! 

And there was nothing cuter than seeing our girls boogie board for hours and hours. They were in heaven. There was a big deep ditch right at the shore so paisley and ivy couldn't swim much but we managed in the sand. 

It was the first time I have gone to the beach without Jason and Luke in a while and when driving down we really missed them... They were coming back from father son camp out ... But nothing like a girl party too. Claire brought one of the Everett kids too and I swear we had to make like a million bathroom runs.  
Until next summer!