Monday, August 3, 2015

Home on the range

Oh man this dress up business never gets old. I can't wait to show them these pictures one day. Wow is that a wig or what? 

Pile on dad before he leaves for a week in Orlando . Crap under the couch a bonus 

Got the best surprise Sunday when my dear Jackie came to hear my lesson after I posted about it on Instagram! Don't know if it was worth the trip but glad excuse to see her!! What a gem to do that! 

Ivy in church...grrrr. Our ward is cracking down on reverence which does not do well with her and the 1 pm hour.

Sock buns!! I love when they all havre he same hair!!! And they all have long enough hair to so this it's a Christmas miracle! 

Got this belated thank you card from some elders who used to be in our ward. Is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen? Very kind note on the back too! That elder axson was a great missionary. 

Lindsey told me that Courtney puts super glue on her girls press on nails to make them last longer and that is genius. Perfect for my nail biter/thumb sucker since I have tried everything. She loves it but alas only last like 24 hours. Must get more! And this sneak even was biting the fake nails !!! I blame me :( 

Ivys even though applied with super glue lasted about 30 minutes. That's talent. 

Rewatched this movie and first time for the kids . Wow what a golden . And can't beat the theme song. Chariots of fire will always remind me of my dad and his piano playing. And neat it won the oscar in 1981 since it's about a man and his conviction to keep the sabbath day holy. 

I think I'm officially over the hump in teaching relief society. Knock on wood. Helps when I really really believe in the topic. And played rocky music for part of it ;) 

Bless those children for wanting popcorn for dinner tonite I'm predicting a good week! Last full week of summer it's crazy!! 

Saturday, August 1, 2015

Last few

Have to put these stories on here. 

First of all when poor Lindsey came, Luke's room stunk so so bad. At first we thought it was his socks?? Or wet clothes he had slept in??? I have a pretty good sniffer and i couldn't get it out. Cleaned up but Darby finally figured it out. Luke had a clam in his from our last beach trip that I didn't know he had!!!! Finally oh many I was hurry hurry she is coming let's fix the smell. Nothing worked. Lindsey could barely sleep in there it smelled so bad. But then she put her sniffer to use and found another very small one on a shelf!!!!! What he had two clams in his room?!!! Oh man what a stinker. Finally the room smell was gone after Lindsey scrubbed it all out (my house keeping is sub par :( . Anything that will not be forgotten soon!! 

Other one was when we went to Disneyland with them Jason took five girls on tower of terror as the last ride of the nite. But there were no fast passes so they were gonna have to wait an hour! And it wasn't the biggest kids cause my two oldest are chicken for that ride . Dallas tried so hard to talk them into it but they wouldn't budge. (Probably cause their pusher mother already scarred them ha!!) . So Jason had paisley, Sadie, baylie , brenna and Dallas and only my kids had been before in this super long wait. Well there reactions were like the funniest things ever!!! Sadie was like I am never doing that again! And brenna and Dallas were just freaked out but had fun. 

Anyway Jason had a picture but now it's lost but these are the goldens he had. I swear the picture is half the fun. 

Friday, July 31, 2015

Little Girl surfers

Our little girls think they are little surfers. Sadie was telling Lindsey about a boy who totally stole her wave!  Water temp was the best all summer. Went with some friends too and gorgeous beach day. Just forgot about what Saturday beach traffic can be when you leave later. Oh yaaaa that's why we usually go in the morning when there is still cloud cover. 

Rewind to earlier in the week and we went to the temple! The perfect thing to do!  And even diddy Reese (I know that's spelled wrong but I can't remember how at the moment) yummy. 

Oh yaaaaaa I forgot we went to the aquatic center too!! That was fun!!! Paisley finally qualified to jump off the diving board and baylie is finally tall enough for the slowest water slide in the world. Why you are allowed to drop off a really high diving board but not go down a really slow slide boggles me. 

Matching suits!!! Unplanned!! 

Lindsey left early with Layla so it was me with these guys so at one point I bought a bunch of dibs and so here they are sitting still eating them ;) 

I even went off the high dive once and it is scary!! 


So if you are ever wondering if you take 9 kids to the Getty museum or the science center, go to the science center first. Waaaaay better for kids and a last minute decision to the Getty first because it was 'closer' wasn't my wisest move. Also I think I've burnt out my kids of the Getty for a good long while and exposed them to lots of art that was very 'exposed'. I think they are still scratching their heads. Just to tell you what level of crazy we are we went on a hike and the Getty and the science center all on the same dang day!!!! And all are in different directions of LA. But we made it out alive! Will have to go to the science center because by the time we got there and parked we had one hour before it closed (also tourist note go to the museum that closest earliest first not last doh!) still feel bad about that.