Monday, January 16, 2017

Great holiday

Girls watching our favorite show just add magic via Amazon prime . Ya we are getting a little tight in the queen bed.

I took them grocery shopping. Everyone wanted to push the cart and ride on it.

Love these spontaneous moments. The kids sure play together great despite their age differences. Sunday nite they had a very loud game of monkey in the middle which they loved. The brunettes on a team and the blondes and Luke on the hover board.

Look at this fun trick!

Oh my goodness look how awesome Jason and Luke are they finished the project that I started and did the hardest parts. So grateful and ya I'll be sticking to painting for a little while longer. Looks so great! All in one day now I just have paint it again.

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Saturday, January 14, 2017

Life in photos

The rain is helping our drought and making us so happy! Is there anything more fun that so cal kids to use their umbrellas when it's barely sprinkling? I think not.

Our friends told us they were doing a one time gymnastic clinic and the girls loved it! Sometimes I get frustrated of the missed opportunities of my kids but then I remember all the ones they do have and grateful for little tastes like this into something they enjoy. We only have so much time and money and skills we can't do everything!!! But glad for what we can do ...mostly ;)

The rain is killing soccer playoffs Californians are wimps but just makes the season last longer.

We survived our first week back at school. And I crossed a bunch off my PTA to do list. I'm officially on the countdown to June for when I get to pass the baton!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Thoughts this morning

Today our first day back went better than expected.  Missed those kids and enjoyed the quiet house for a few minutes I was actually home.  PTA not as scary as I thought.  Just day by day.

A mom on our PTA and new this year at our school passed away right after Christmas.  I didn't know her super well but enough to be so grateful for her willingness to jump out and help and a fellow awesome mom in the trenches.  I'm so sad for her family and it shook me up more than I thought.

Every day my prayers have been how lucky I am.  Thank you for letting me have another day here.  Thank you for all this goodness in my life.  So so grateful for it.  And please can I have another day.

but on that note, as my friends have pointed out I'm not so great at decision making and committing...I thought it was my hidden secret but apparently not so hidden.  So of course new years resolutions I usually settle on by february ;)

Here are the ones I am working on for this year so far...

1.  Sew more

2.  Family History because I really like it.

3.  Have fun

4.  Go outside whenever I can

5.  Be positive

6.  Love what I have

This year I would really like to ditch the guilt trips and feeling bad for all that I can't do and enjoy my life.

I heard the best talk this morning and think I should hear it everyday.

and anytime they swear in general conference its gonna be my favorite talk even though I try really really hard not to swear myself.

This week brings rain and we are so grateful.

Life is good.

Lala land was an awesome movie but I hated the end.  I like happy endings.

Very pleased that I conquered homemade yogurt in my instant pot and now forcing my kids to eat it.

poop on that championship was pretty cute how much darby and baylie were into the game.  darby made an alabama sign to cheer!  and so impressed all the football they know!  probably as much as I do!

Okay, gotta go run and do morning family scriptures study before Jason gets on the train!

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Bring on 2017

Ok the truth is 2017 makes me so nervous I could be sick. Because I'm still pta president and there is a lot of worry on my mind there. But I know God wouldn't bring me this far to fail so I know He will help me and I will know for sure I did not do it on my own merits!

The last weeks of 2016 was the worst for me . I was so sick and felt miserable . It was like a slow crawl to the finish. Light the world turned into just make sure the kids are ok. Hahaha

A bunch of people and deliveries and cards I was gonna do just didn't happen. Oh well.

But I am on the mend and 2017 is looking to me much brighter.

In fact the past two days I'm thinking life is just way to good and pinching myself that everything is so good.

And my parents are here!!!! So lucky ! Seriously the whole house is happy! And we went to Disneyland even though the rest of the world did too!

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