Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sibling play

I love love love when my kids play together. It feels like yes this is why I did this. Being pregnant so often and all that encompasses. And after having Marschell come visit just reminds me. Siblings are your friends for life. 

This is what ivy decided to drag outside after school and the other girls caught on quick. And mom brag here but Darby mowed that whole back yard and so proud of her.

Luke does the front and he said last week, mom I'm so proud, it looks so good... At least three times. Finally!!! Only took a year of moaning and groaning to enjoy his hard work. 

This last picture I'm just posting cause it touched my heart so. Darby colored a picture to look like one I painted years ago. Just thought that was so cute. I'm sure she will be creating her own art much more than me! 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring break 2014

Well I ended up being friends with spring break despite 2 action packed days called Monday and Tuesday that had me wiped out. 

The rest of the week we chilled at home and that's always a good thing. 

My awesomeness continued to Monday even when the kids had chicken nuggets with cookies for after school snack and then had chicken nuggets and carrots for dinner while we watched granite flats and studio c. When Jason isn't home I really go all out. 

This weekend we went to the temple, to an Easter egg hunt and Leah's baptism.  

Then Friday aunt Marschell came! Just by herself with her cute puppy. Great to have other hands around and kids looooved her she was a celebrity. 

Oh yes and this week I finally repainted my gray but everyone thought it looked blue wall to a nice cream. And used up last of the five year old paint I had. 

And then cause apparently I've gotten older in last five years it totally messed up my back  and so it worked out so perfect that the primary gave me a week off of music time cause I got to sit my butt in relief society with my sister in law who made me cry by the way. 

Oh yes but my sleep has been all messed up cause of my back I did get to read an awesome book, Edenbrooke til 4 am yesterday... That works out awesome for the next day by the way but good thing the book was gooood. 

Oh yes and we took a trip out to uncle Nathan's work where we are new patients because he does non evasive dentistry where you don't drill cavities and paisley had 3!  

So worth the drive for how painless it was and fun to see him in action. Guess all those hours at USC dental school  studying paid off! 

But paisley will be eating more nuts and cheese than sugar for a while being treated by ozone.  

This was the reaction to buying back her Easter candy!!!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

New Normal

So our prayers were answered very quickly (hey praying for specifics works) and Jason got another six month contract and started back work on Monday.

A month is not bad at all, pretty awesome especially compared to 9!

We will take it and perfect timing too.

He started teaching seminary at 5:50 a.m. when he wasn't working, then started back working the one week there was no seminary (spring break) and then next week will do both together...great transition.  Love when the details come together like that.

Negative Nelly (me) over here though needs a kick in the pants.  Cause a normal person would be very glad about their husband getting a job right?  And a normal person would not be whining that it was just when spring break started right? Or that why couldn't it be permanent already?  Or why did he want to eat at Taco Bell of all places to celebrate?  At least they have mountain dew. 

All you freelance people are amused by me I'm sure.  Or actors or cinematographers.  Or ones who own their own business or are still in school and a million others who have been at the ebb and flow of income longer than we have.  So please forgive me for still adjusting. 

So yes I'm very happy even if had gotten really used to that mid morning bath I was taking when Jason was home.  Cause I was determined to enjoy any perk that no job brings and that meant I volunteered in the classroom a bunch too (sorry teachers, having the quit again, but our house payment is glad!) and found my independence again.  

I'm seriously so weird though sometimes I don't understand why I have such a hard time with change even the good kind!!

Maybe its because I have such an active imagination and was already dreaming of finding a way to live on the same street as my mother?  Or Texas by my sister, Texas is nice?

Good thing there was general conference to help buffer it because there were some things I needed to here/  

Like that talk by President Uchtdorf on GRATITUDE.  Yep, that one was for me.

And the one by Elder Bednar on carrying a heavy load and spiritual traction.  Wow that was mine as well.  He literally said...Happiness is not the absence of a (heavy) load.  And I'm realizing my load might seem super easy to someone else but sometimes buries me!

And then when President Monson was talking about charity in the home....sorry folks, that was only to me.  and shoot I have lots of room for improvement cause spring break has been kicking my butt!!  Love you children but sometimes motherhood feels like drowning...I don't think any of us ate an actual meal the whole day...not good.

Had a much needed blessing last night and ready to start over.  Love a good redo.  Still haven't showered but that is A-okay!  A few rooms got cleaned and I am not missing lunch! hmmmm...what should we eat? 

By the way, Jason thinks he is gonna love what he is doing at work.  And I will try and better adjust to the on and off again that might just the new normal.  and try not to cry wolf.

Dear Future self who reads this, YOU ARE A SLOW LEARNER!  But its okay I forgive you so just go eat some chocolate and move forward. 

Monday, April 7, 2014

Party and conference

We had a fun weekend. Lindsey and kids came on Friday for a family birthday party. Face painting . Donut eating. Edible play dough and waffles for dinner. So many sweets we didn't even eat the cupcakes. 

Kids had a blast and nice of Lindsey to drive out cause it sucks doing it by yourself. 

Yes I let baylie do it and wow is all I gotta say. 

Then we watched conference and it was great. Such good things. Nothing like being coZy on the couch with your family. And then of course the rest of the time they were fighting or crying with each other. 

We just got back from eating with the finnigans and wow sure do love those people. Old friends are good friends. Ended the night with a fun round of freeE dance which Luke won and not many people who could bring out that side of him. Love when friends are more like family.