Sunday, December 21, 2014

Our Best Christmases

                              McCoy letter 2014

Two years ago when Jason was out of work was definitely our most memorable Christmas.  No comparing being ding dong ditched when you are the one in need being helped.  And that doorbell kept ringing all month long. The mail box delivered gifts from angels…which is basically a testimony of what good judgment we have in friends and what neat families we married into.  And then on Christmas morning Santa elves brought more presents for each kid.  Being the recipient of such kindness left a mark on our soul.  I used to sit thinking of who must have given to us, the month long string of Christmas miracles.  But the greater gift is not knowing because then you are nicer to everyone because it might have been them.  (I better find out in heaven and until then, a big hug!)

That was eventually resolved and Jason did a stint of contract work for a while, which had an abrupt ending in March of this year.  While not Christmastime, our angels still found us, but this time in the form of Leprekauns who spoiled our kids with 17 boxes of the “good kind of cereal” and milk dropped off at our door.  And a mail-delivered package from one of my favorite cousins just for Luke who said that good cereal was the part that he was going to miss most when dad is unemployed. This is also when Jason was asked to be the early morning seminary teacher for the youth ages freshman to senior which is essentially scripture study at 5:50 a.m every school day. 

Through another miracle that unemployment time didn’t last very long (and I’m sure a blessing from being teaching seminary) and Jason kept working til the last possible work extention deadline was looming this December.  Having doors close we tried not to panic and have learned to trust in the Lord that He would deliver.  And He did.

So this Christmas we are grateful with Jason now working full time for the mouse (Disney). We can see how God was moving pieces so that we could get to this point. 

Life is good.  Life is still good when it is hard.  We know that there are lots more challenges than jobs, but that has been the way that God has shown us his miracles this year.

We worship Christ as our Savior and know He loves and cares for everyone in the world.  He is the gift at Christmas and oh how we are grateful for it! He has given us peace and comfort that can come no other way. 

Much love and a big hug from all of us in the McCoy family.

Jason, Brooke, Luke, Darby, Baylie, Paisley & Ivy

And let it be noted Paisley does her own hair and is very particular about it.

Ivy – age 3, has a bit of a reputation at church for, ya know, world domination, so we are very grateful for her teachers there and at preschool since she has been gifted with extra personality and speed.  I also love seeing her boss around our beloved dog Rusty.  Ivy’s food tastes better if she eats it while sitting in your lap.  She also loves to say all the prayers. 

Paisley – age 5, waited to start kindergarten this year and while it makes life busier I’ve really liked having her home for another year.  She loves doing hair, especially if it’s a pony and is very particular about how her own hair should be done.  She was also excited when her feminist-ish mom broke her no Barbie rule by finding one without removable clothes.  She also loves Frozen anything and prefers Elsa over Anna since they have matching hair.

Baylie – age 7, has been gifted with her mothers height (and personality - beware!) and the biggest news is that she finally lost her two front teeth just in time for Christmas.  Baylie is the first kid to wake up in the morning and has perfected the storm out of the room skill.  Baylie started piano this year and is the only kid tall enough and not chicken to go on Tower of Terror at California Adventure.  

Darby – age 9, wakes us up in the night to tell us she finished her book which is always a fun thing when they get hooked.  Who knew her artistic demeanor held a soccer beast!  It’s fun to see her want to clobber something besides Luke.  Our neighbors also know that she started the trumpet this year in the school band and just learned how to play the Indiana Jones theme song on the piano which rocks.  She is also slower than a snail in the morning.

Luke – age 11, loves his beautiful sisters and the big news is he is finally taller than his mom (when should we tell him that I’m really short?).  I have decided 11 year old boys are the greatest since I get endless hugs and compliments (except Sunday morning before church, still working on that).  He still loves flag football and eating and eating.  And books.  Send recommendations our way!  We like anything Brandon Mull, the book Wonder, and Rick Riordian.  

Brooke – I love being a mom.  I love God and my church.  I tried eating healthier this year and enjoyed that and also enjoy not eating healthy too.  Balance right?  I love when my family eats the food I cook and when I eat food I didn’t cook.  This year was a doozy for me, but taught me to take more control over my happiness.  And to swear.

Jason – besides what you already read, he definitely likes teaching the teenagers at church even if it cramps his night life and he is looking forward to catching up on tv shows and movies during Christmas break.  Jason is definitely the kids favorite, maybe cause he is gone a lot or just needs to be meaner?   We taught the kids this year how to play a favorite board game, Settlers of Catan, so we are officially good parents.

Christmas Movie Ratings

Man I'm so bummed Christmas is coming so soon but we have been taking advantage or watching as many Christmas movies as possible this month.  I will assume you have all watched Elf, Polar Express,  The Grinch (not the live action one, blech) and Frosty the Snowman  and some random like Mickey and Madagascar Christmas additions too.   Here is the verdict on the keepers courtesy of Netflix.  Also the fact that Jason canceled our cable a while ago and now its finally turned off might have something to do with it.  sniff sniff, brainless television surfing I miss you but probably good we broke up.

Okay, back to movies.  This one is from my childhood and now was introduced to my kids.  About a grumpy mom who doesn't like christmas who needs to change.  Its old, literally the little girl is the same as me.

Okay, next is Mistle-tones with Tori Spelling and one of those twins we grew up with that I didn't know could sing so well and I think I could be friends with now in adulthood.  Literally its worth it just to watch Tori Spellings makeup move, but they had me at musical.  

Santa Paws 2.  Okay, so the first ten minutes I thought I was going to stab my eye and its the weirdest looking Santa ever and was seriously embarrassed for the cast, but it ended up  being totally cute!  Its a musical #1 and #2 its tongue in cheek for much of it which I also love.  And who knew Mrs. Claus had so much work done?  She looks goooood. 

Okay, maybe after approved Santa Paw 2 you should just stop listening to me, but this Christmas Angel was cute too.  I love Christian ones and liked the cast and again, bumpy start but turned out really cute. I should also say I mostly have watched all these movies while folding laundry or wrapping presents.  

Okay so of course we had to watch the original one too and I would say I liked the 2nd one better?  But this one is still a pass and ten stars for normal looking Santa and Mrs. Claus even if some of my kids thought he still looked a little freaky.  And who doesn't love a Mrs. Hannigan type character?  

Okay I think this one is from Norway?  but was cute and we were all hooked.  

Okay what have you been watching?  Sure feels like the sickies have been going around so might need a few more before the big Christmas Day.  Still hoping to get in Its a Wonderful Life and Miracle on 34th Street.  

Friday, December 19, 2014

I love Christmas

It's pretty cool that we know Santa. While ivy refused to participate in her preschool program she was totally willing to see Santa! 

I love the kids gifts!! And this cute girl Baylie! I mean look at all the awesomeness that is on this bag she bag!! 

We went to see a local neighborhood lights and took the missionaries and Beckie B! 

The kids were tortured by this picture. Paisley was literally kicking me. 

Look at these houses!!! This was just in the front yard and you can't even see the shed turned Santas workshop that had a movie playing on it! 

Going to the temple lights on Sunday I hope this week slows down I don't want Christmas time to end!

Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas is coming too fast

I love this season and don't want it to end yet! Slow down! Not sure at all what we will do over the 3 week break besides stay home so if ya think of anything call me!

Have been having the kids walk home a couple days a week and always tell them to make sure they stay together. Luke used this literally. 

Darby's first concert was darling . So proud of her! Taking piano really helped and we was able to participate and lots of songs since they let you go at your own pace sorta.

Darby and her trumpet

My friend Emily g is an amazing cook. Actually I have quite a few friends that cook amazing. In fact they all specialize and can make great food that I steal recipes from. But back to point she let me eat some of her borscht for lunch yesterday. So had a lesson in Russian food and lunch. It was sooo good.

This totally happened spontaneously at dinner. And the siblings were all shouting go go go go in the background . Classy for an early age over here. 

I just loved baylie in the background here .

And taaadaaaaaaaaa!!!! Both in one day. After much begging and coercion and the first one getting knocked outside. She can finally sing the song!!!!!!