Monday, December 5, 2016

LIGHT the World

This morning when I was saying my morning prayers and sorta thinking what kind of service I would do today my neighbor's name popped into my head.  Day 5 was supposed to be helping someone who is ill.  His name is Bill and I haven't seen him in a while.  I check on him every so often and maybe bring some treats but not enough and definitely not as much as if I was my sister, LINDSEY, who is neighbor extraordinaire.

Anyway, his wife had a stroke last year and is in the hospital and his health is poor as well, but when he was healthy he was always talking with us over the fence (ala Home Improvement) and loaning us tools and super friendly nice guy.  I really didn't know if he was still sick or not, but knew his wife is still in the hospital.   Years ago he invited us to watch him sing in his church and I couldn't go (or maybe couldn't figure out how I would wrangle all our small children at the time for more church I can't remember) and I have deep regrets about that because I thought there would be another time but there wasn't.

Anyway, back to this morning.  So I thought I will do dinner.  Who doesn't like dinner?

Okay, so like a normal Monday it was super busy, and I got lots done but not as much as I wanted to of course.  Kids got home, started making dinner.  Nobody really would help me cause sometimes kids are like that but they were playing especially great together so I was fine on my own.

I was having to hurry cause it was getting late but 6 p.m. BAM.  Homemade rolls and soup along with cookies I remembered I had in the freezer.

"Kids hurry get shoes on we are going to bring dinner to Bill!"

Insert some whining about shoes, lots of whys and some kids that were good and hurried.

"And grab a Santa hat!"

You can probably guess who didn't grab a Santa hat.

Luke asks what are we doing?  "Something you will probably hate but just go with it"
And bless that boy he did!

Anyway, hurry over there with crazy shoes on and right before Bill answers the door we decide to sing "Deck the Halls".

Bill had already eaten (darn!) but still gave him the food.  And then he invited us in.  and we said yes.

We sat down in his beautiful cozy home that had been obviously decorated by his wife and had a chat.

And that Bill mentioned at least 3 times how much he loved our company, how he doesn't get many visitors.  When I asked about if he has been able to go to church, he said no, and didn't understand why the people from his church haven't called him since he hasn't been coming and how there (I'm sure the people at his church are good wonderful people) should be a program to contact people who became ill and couldn't come. I was silently blessing the visiting teaching and home teaching program at our church even though I know it is not perfect either.  We talked about the kids ages and then where all his grown boys lived and he showed me pictures of his great grand kids who live in our neighborhood and he doesn't get to see.  And about football of course!  He said his son was a star at Canyon and Bill used to coach pop warner.  I asked if he swore like Luke's coaches did and he said nope but thats because he doesn't swear...ever.  And the said his dad used to constantly say the dirtiest, filthiest things constantly and he decided to be the opposite.  And then how he doesn't get to visit his wife who now doesn't recognize him very much because he isn't driving much and its too far.  The kids were super amazing and petted the dog Lucy who is Bill's companion and friend (and also  barks like a maniac when they scooter down the street).  He repeated  himself a little and the kids were patient with him and he showed me Ruth's picture and asked me if I knew her which of course I did.  We left after 15 minutes and him thanking us again for the company and all the kids could feel that that was a very good thing to do.

I of course could barely contain my tears...mostly because while I was making this dinner for Bill I was starting to wonder if I was crazy and what would he think of me or even be home.  Or whats if something had happened to his wife Ruth and I didn't realize it.  Just some normal doubts and worries.  But leaving that house I knew 1000% that it was the Holy Ghost who had whispered Bill's name to me this morning and so grateful that I listened.

We really can light the world with God's help.  Or at least for one special moment.

Bill and Ruth got prayed for in the McCoy house this night with a silent prayer from me not forget them again too and all the others who the spirit whispers to me.


Friday, December 2, 2016

It's finally Christmas time!!!

I love Instagram and the light the world campaign.

I need this cup.

Baylee and Ivy BFF

Ivy being a 'teacher' at school pretty much her most favorite thing to do ever.

This picture reminds me I have a really really good friend like Amber who has known and put up with me for a long time. Priceless.

Girls had no school. Went grocery shopping. This is at the tail in when we were all sick of it and Darby started a game. Bless that girl!

Luke being a fun brother. He is currently doing swing dancing at school (with girls!!!) and just finished up line dancing

Ivy wants alllll the Santas

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Thursday, December 1, 2016

things i need to remember

christmas freakouts, pity parties but then lots and lots of good stuff.  I just need to remember the bad stuff will pass and usually helps if i go clean something or get some stuff done.

worked on my budget for december so currently think i'm the bomb.  feels good to be organized.  love everydollar.  really really really love every dollar and dave ramsey's program even though it did cause some above mentioned christmas freakouts and said pity party.  But things are always better than they seem.  and working on my budget helped me with that.


Sooo what service did I do?

I wrote my family all notes about how much I love them and why and how thankful I am for them.  My hand hurt after because I have a lot of people living her.  Very cute people.  hopefully they can read them because my handwriting is messy (understatement).

I'm so thankful for my family and good friends who ignore my crazy bits.  Sometimes they show more than I would like and I'm so glad when they ignore them and like me anyway.

Okay two things I don't want to forget.

first of all, we decided to not do allstars for soccer again this year.  really tough for me and baylie but darby was fine with it.  Just don't want to ditch the team for the sunday games and don't want to play them either.  thankfully baylie's team will be going to playoffs. baylie and I had a good long talk about it and she is ok now.  It was especially hard because this year she is so so good.  So good that the allstars coach called us to see why didn't we come to tryouts because he was still saving a spot for her which we declined (we had played against his team that morning).  very flattering though but we are putting God first by keeping the Sabbath day holy!

but thats not what i was gonna say.

the thing I don't want to forget was darby's prayer tuesday nite for dinner where she said thank you that we are all good at sports :)  ....I loved that!  Yes darby yes we are us mccoys are good at sports!  Why are we so good at sports?  (see what I did there...with the question ;)  you know how I love them ;)

second thing is actually about darby too. My friend Dana told me her son who darby has been with since kindergarten....well he was talking to his cousins and said, our class president is a morning and doesn't think cussing is cool.  whenever one of the kids cusses at recess Darby says language.

So pleased with that girl.  Keep it up!  This is especially awesome because her mother is not the best example to her...  but good thing my kids are such good forgivers ;)  that is another thing us mccoys are so good at!  Why are we such good forgivers?!

okay, early out day at school so I got to go.

Merry Freaking Christmas!!!!!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Got my thankful back

It took some humbling and putting my pride in my pocket but I feel so much better.

Here are some pictures of the most awesome children who have a very imperfect and often volatile mother who is still has relearn things all the dang time!

Went on a hike with the girls . Saw nothing green but 4 really cute things. Ok and a dog.

I really love the outdoors. And new adventures and finding new places. Thanks melody for forcing me out of my comfort zone.

Ok so I guess there is a little green in there.

Guys are piano is like the velveteen rabbit but i seriously love it. So much wonderful sounds memories have come from it! Bless you Craigslist man who gave it for free.

This boy. He is a good one. He faces a crazy world in this jr high business and still keeps his head up. Our kids are better than us!

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