Monday, March 27, 2017

Exploding brain

1.  first of all, I hope this yearbook doesn't kill me

2. reading my son's texts both makes me crazy and also incredibly proud of him.  doesn't put up with swearing and says good things (mostly) to his friends.  the kid is growing up.  and i caught him saying something about me to his friend which was cool and somewhat complementary

3.  it was a bad parenting decision to let the kids watch indiana jones tonite.  i was really needing some leverage for room cleaning and chores and i just won the used set from a silent auction at the library. jason was gone tonite and we started watching it....oh ahh, hmmm, definitely not for the little girls had to stop and put on a different movie for them upstairs....oh ahh, wow i don't remember this much violence, probably not good for the baylie and darby either....oh ahh, ok well now i'm just feeling bad so lets stop it finish the last 30 minutes later.  sigh.  good news their rooms are cleaner.

4.  I was an amazing cook UNTIL i started plant based meals.  wow i have had to throw out a few and dang it is hard.  not to mention that i'm doing this all on my own (i.e. no support from my family they think i'm crazy.) well not true the girls understand that i don't want to take my shots and am trying to find an alternative.  but man dinner has been rough.  and my cooking self esteem is plummeting.  my family just wants meat.

5.  i better get off this and start on the dang yearbook, but needed a diversion from the slow going process that is like putting a fork in my eye....see how violent, thats what indiana jones did to me tonite.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Things that stuck out to me at Women's Conference...

Okay, so I didn't take like notes notes,  just wrote a little bit while Baylie was napping on my lap ;)  I think I napped through at least one talk last conference so we each take our turn.  Busy day and then you are in a peaceful dark room...zzzzzzzz

Women's conference was amazing, and next time Paisley can go too since she will be 8.

Sister Bonnie Cordon, was the first speaker spoke about this scripture.. Proverbs 3:5-6

¶ Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.
In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.
She said this scripture has 2 admonitions, a warning, and a great promise.  She said that the warning....LEAN NOT TO THINE OWN UNDERSTANDING...means we are leaning off center.  Spiritually speaking this means not focusing on Christ.  
Instead we should Trust in the Lord. 
She gave 'centering principles' we can do to not lean. 
Feast on the words of Christ, Pray, and Serve
She told a story of a woman who had cancer and said the chemo was making her so sick she couldn't believe she was still alive. (her kind has a 17 percent survival rate)  She maybe had 1-2 days a month where she felt close to ok.  Her husbands response, 'we need to find someone to serve'...shocked her but helped so much!  When she was in so much pain she could not sleep, she would work on her family history and the pain was bearable.  Service saved her life.  When she was bald, poisoned and fighting for her life, she could have easily focused just on her.  But when she did that she felt discouraged and depressed.  When she focused on other she had hope and joy.  
Sister Cordon said there will be nothing in this world that can defeat us.  
Sister McConkie (who is my favorite because I think she looks like what Lindsey will look like when she is older) spoke about holiness.  
She said every moment of our lives must be holiness to the LORD.  
Sacrifices we make to keep our covenants is what sanctifies us.  
She told a story of a  young woman in Africa who tried to talk to some parents of less active girls in their ward so that they could come to church.  The parents said the girls really needs to do their chores instead. So the girl went to their homes and helped them do their chores on Sunday so they could come to church. 
She talked about Martha and Mary and Jesus's most gentle and loving rebuke of Martha.  We need to give time for holiness...even setting aside the phone and other things to do it.  
Sister Burton spoke and thanked everyone for helping the Refugees and I thought of my sweet Ivy who prays every single day for the refugees!  
She said in all her world travels sisters ask her "Do you remember me?"  
Recently at a prison a woman told her as she was leaving, please don't forget us!  
Lately in her scripture reading she has been noticing the phrase 'certain women' Like the woman at the well, and the ones who saw Jesus after the resurrection.  So she looked up the synonym for CERTAIN and it read:  convinced, positive, firm, assured, confident, dependable.  And how that fit!  She told story after story of CERTAIN woman some pioneer, some modern who sacrificed much.  
One story was a woman who was very sick who still made a 'can can list' of things she could do.  Swallow, breathe...
Not only are we here to save others, but to save ourselves.  
President Erying spoke of peace.  Darby and Baylie said this was their favorite talk.  
He said, those that do not see their weekness do not progress. 
Darby leaned over and said, Mom, whats my weakness? 
Which i thought was the cutest thing ever.  I whispered back, sorry yours is like mine, our tempers :( 
President Eyring (somehow I'm blanking on how to spell his name so apologies) said that peace depends on the unity that exist among you.  Unity is necessary to have the spirit in our class or family.  
He told of a story of when he picked up his boy by the shoulders in anger and the spirit spoke to him " You are holding a great person!" which dissipated the anger within him.  40 years later he is lucky to see that great person he is.  
God knows your needs and your name. 

okay, thats all i had.  We stayed for the Young Women recognition awards after and wow it was amazing.  They made cakes in all the yw values and had videos of the girls and a 'red carpet' for them to walk down.  
Now I need to go work on my lesson i'm teaching in relief society.  funny how many times you do something and the nerves still don't go away, I think its because i don't do it enough?  also, i have been so busy, and the topic so meaty i think I've been just in denial about doing it so I don't panic!  But I do know that God that will make up the difference and I have tried the best I can.  Here's hoping it will go well and the spirit will be felt!  

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Fun amidst the chaos

My cute scripture study group threw me a surprise party with treats at our scripture study! Love these ladies and love learning together! And we love the gospel!

Is this a spread or what?!!

We kicked butt at a Brandon Mull book signing! Or maybe it kicked this moms butt (far away, long line) but we made memories and glad to do it! Pinch ourselves that we get these opportunities by leaving near a big city.

Went to family day at the temple after seeing beauty and the beast.

I loooved that movie! Wished I could see it again right now! It's pretty perfect!

Ok we have the best home teachers ever right now! Like the greatest of our life! So sweet and helpful and caring and interested in our family! They have already helped us so much! And they dropped off treats for our birthdays and also brought lucky charms for st Patrick's day because I was pooped and unprepared and jason was out of time! Was a highlight and had a yummy bowl myself!

Just wanted to document the mess Ivy dumped out when she got home from school.

These are the devil. The are the worst/best/greatest ;)

The girls had a teddy bear tea at activity days about manners and also the new prospective girls got to come so paisley was thrilled (and also Ivy was saaaad)

So lucky that their leaders do neat stuff like this!

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Saturday, March 18, 2017

Luke fans

Luke on his bday! 14 on the 14th. Ironically we usually don't eat any pie on his bday.

I took him out of school and at chipotle for lunch.

He sure has a big fan club at our house.

And lucky duck got to go to Vegas on Friday for march madness and to see his cousins and uncles and aunts. With his dad.

Luke is the best big brother! I know God knew just what he was doing sending him to our family with all these sisters!

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