Monday, October 24, 2016

my blog is getting boring

my brain isn't working fast enough anymore?

who knows.

but seriously today I was a little dumb at life.

totally forgot about a meeting i had with a teacher after school.

and then remembered yesterday about missing a wedding reception like 3 weeks ago!!!

too much on my mind or my mind is shrinking?


getting a kick in the pants from a friend to finally prioritize my bedroom and paint it.

scares me.

i can be quite indecisive.

but always remember claire's great advice.  when you make a decision, and doubts creep in just remind yourself its purrrrfect.

kids are cute i love them...but i almost sold one this morning...he will not be named.

the girls i have figured out what motivates them but that other one is an anomaly.

i just sent the teachers at my school the dorkest email ever to try and entice them to volunteer for the freaky fright nite on friday...say that 10 x fast.

it included an image of beyonce (who i'm actually not a fan of cause she is anti-feminist to me but thats a whole other topic) to get the point across and also references to taylor swift and dr who.  dude.  i'm embarrassed for myself.

bless you top ramen for being so irresistible to children and also so easy to make.

the end.

ps. my sister and I discussed today that caffeine could be our prozac...hmmmm.....i'm thinking there might be something to that.

pps.  our church had the most beautiful music i ever heard yesterday i asked my friend that if she outlives me i want her to sing at my funeral whenever that my be.  seriously so pretty it made me bawl.  the two famous violinists also contributed to that.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Quotes are cool

I really like inspiring things in my Instagram feed! These meet my criteria...pretty on the inside and outside!

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Too much to do

I sound like a broken record.

Good stuff but busy. Really feel like I can only do so much with Gods help. It's called the enabling power of the Atonement.

Volunteering in school with my girls. This is the most I have been at the school this year since I don't have littles at home.

Sundays have been so great.
Jason and girls playing around while Luke was at a bishops fireside (that's Mormon code for devotional)

Ivy wanted a hair cut. I was sad at first but thought sure why not and did it! Super cute even though miss her long hair but not the brushing!

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We had one cool day in the 70s as opposed to 90s for football . It was awesome even though his team got whooped and he got tossed around a bit too. Mean team they played!

Look what popped up on my Facebook memory? Jason and mine first day. More like 17 years ago!!

Have the awesome part about soccer is the team names and banner. Ferocious

While I don't love this pic of me I do love these girls. Why did I get such good friends in California? We were celebrating Sophie's mission farewell

When you touch the temple the temple touches you.

Had to include the one of amber but can't remember which one she didn't like so hope it wasn't this one. She is a goodie too and so glad I gave good friends who want to do fun things together and also important things. As went to a wedding for a former sister missionary sister Faucett

Finally getting the hang of dinner and sports. It's a challenge!

Sophie before her farewell by some random car . Going to Brazil. Super inspiring talk and so pleased with her.

Owen and Luke friends forever

Monday, October 10, 2016

Guys I got so much done today I'm just waiting for the shoe to fall

Typed up PTA agenda
Send email to PTA board
Typed up teacher letter
Worked out to Tracy Anderson
Didn't shower
Read morning scriptures as a family
Drank protein shake and too vitamins
Got kids to school (and ready and chores bla bla and lunches)
Volunteered in Ivy's class (Ivy had a really bad sad crying spell when I was there maybe because I was there ? but glad I was )
Volunteered in paisleys class
Came home tries to nap didn't work
Ate strawberry shortcake in milk for lunch (ok actually twice today)
Read 10 minutes of my new book
Sent a bunch of texts
Went back to school to try and copy stuff didn't work
Went to Costco and bought milk and stuff
Went back to school to try again and didn't work
Picked up four adorable children
Homework, catch up, snacks , piano , reading
Left a birthday message for our favorite Marisse
Luke came home and we hugged him too and fed him and homework and piano
Negotiations of electronics
Video games, iPad , computer
Jason got home
Few minutes on hammocks learned some stuff about my kids life and got some snuggles
Yelled at Luke to get off video games and start making eggs
Jason made sausages and toast
Ate breakfast for dinner
Had mini family home even lesson at the table
Watched latest studio c
Got girls ready for bed
Oh yes made some pumpkin bread at some point for PTA meeting on Wednesday
Read girl version of robin head in the hall while girls were in bed
Luke and Jason watched Monday nite football

Hmmm what else

Finally showered
Did dishes lots
Got kids drinks of water
Said prayers
Gave hugs
Jason started watch dr who without me ( big trouble!)

Wow what a day! Knocking on good was so good.

Was on Facebook too much

Talked to good people
Learned some stuff from my kids I needed to hear about their life
Glad they have each other.

Didn't lose my temper which I am proud about it cause i woke up very very early and didn't want it to end up biting me in the butt later.

Life is so good

Don't do this much every day but some times it's necessary and when God helps you can do it!

Excerpt from last minute lesson at the table. From a talk at latest women's conference. Too lazy to edit the edges off.

I need to go to sleep ;)

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