Sunday, September 17, 2017

Sports on the weekend

Ivy wishes she could play (you can blame your dad for that although I can agree it's a smart decision). So here she is the super fan!!!!!!! Ready for soccer !!!

Love soccer kids team names ! Baylie has thought up way too many of hers. Her idea always dang wins!!!

Us being fans at la mesa .

After Luke's football game we stopped at a sandwich place on the way home to wait for traffic to be better (only in LA). It was delicious. And only a mere $60 later to feed our family!!! No wonder we don't go out to eat much!!! But casual dining is totally my favorite. No waiters or lines. It's the best!!! (Said in nacho voice)

Paisleys first year of soccer is totally adorable !

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Saturday, September 16, 2017

long neglected blog

Today has been productive good saturday.  I'm waiting for Luke get home from a stake dance and the rest of the house is asleep.

Jason got some car stuff done this morning, we mowed lawns and did chores.

Paisley and Baylie both had soccer games and Darby had a bye.

Paisley plays for the pink ninjas and Baylie is on the Blazing Emeralds.  Darby's team name is No Mercy :)

We sure can pack our mini van to the brim when we all go out to the games!

Luke played Friday and it was a bit painful for him.  They lost 18-55, played Crespi an all boys Catholic school in Encino.  Fancy campus and good team.  We still cheered loudly.  Funny how much you learn from a tough lost.  Luke has a good head on his shoulders even if he is sort of dreading going to school on Monday getting heat for the game.  Such is life.  Sometimes you are at the top, and sometimes not.

Lately have been thinking about our blessings.  Kids have commented on not having this or that.  But what do we have?   A mom who stays home and gets to be with them more and flexible schedule.  Disney passes!  Close to lots of fun things including the beach.  A warm and cozy home with new air conditioning.  Lots of people in our family who love them and make things more fun.   Good health and quick minds and parents who are married and trying to teach them correct principles.  And we live in America!  So hubcaps be danged and every apparent slight we might see is really just a reflection of the choices we have made in our life to live a certain way.  Really very lucky.

hmmm.  what else?  church tomorrow.  I'm sure there is allll these things I'm forgetting to keep on here.  oh well, i do what i can!

Friday, August 25, 2017

We are doing it!

Remember how scared I was about school starting?

Well it's working out. Boy we are busy and tired. More than I can remember . But just taking it day by day and trying to keep a happy home.

The transition to switching to nighttime scripture study is doing ok. It feels soo much harder probably because I'm much more a morning person but we are trying to make it happen.

Glad jason is back from Florida even though almost every second of his weekend is sucked up to an ayso coach training!!!

Luke's body is recovering from his first game. Football is no joke! Neither is early morning seminary. Glad we went conservative on his class schedule.

Next week is going to be even more nutso but just not going to worry about each day til it's before me and know that God will always help me accomplish much more.

The eclipse was much cooler than I thought it would be ! Glad I got to watch it with amber and christie v!

This is the girls going through Mahina's hand me downs .

And paisley read the 13th article of faith in church.

Luke scored two touchdowns his first game and had three long completed passes! It was so fun and super duper hot to watch . I took the girls out of school early so we can go. Jason was still in Florida .

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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

school is back

My kids love their teachers.

Darby has a teacher that has pet snakes that he feeds in the class.  It is quite the hit.

Luke is gone now from 6:15 a.m. in the morning til 6:15 p.m. at nite.

Which made me realize we need to rethink that chore chart of ours because he needs to get out off it and maybe just stick to mowing the front yard and taking out the trash when he can? How time is changing.

Spiritual wisdom (still from stake conference).  Pres. W said that faith is choice.  He spoke about my favorite parable currently, the 10 virgins and the 5 who had oil in their lamps.  How do we get our oil?  Much of our precious oil is about charity.  We can pray for charity, but mostly charity is found in the doing.

A cute little (ok not so little) YW spoke Miss M and she said, if its important to us, its important to God, so we can ask him for help.

Going to pick up Darby now, the little girls got out early today.  Painted my nails, went grocery shopping and on a hike this morning in beautiful cloudy weather that teases us!  I want rain and it green again!

I think I still have a hand cramp from all the papers I had to fill out on the first day of school. Wow.