Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Evans and Tanner side

Ya know what I love? 

Go with the flow family who don't mind if you just get a spend a little time with them but are fun and want to see you!!  I didn't want to miss out on seeing my side of the family so we went up a day early before the reunion. 

Pam and Ben let us stay the nite with them and we had a BBQ at Alex and Nicole's and Abby was in town too! So got to see lots of cousins and Uncle rick and Aunt Laurie. Just wish I would have taken more pictures but we had just driven up that nite so I was beat! 

Then we went to the church history center the next morning and wow that place is amazing. Wanted to cry the whole time the spirit of the restoration was so strong and tender. Such moving stories and art work. 

Then we had a swim party with the Evans and Speirs! Love them and grateful they wanted to see us too! 

We love Utah and the McCoys

Does paisley look like a prepared hiker or what? Mental note get those camel pack things the kids loved them!! 

Love this husband of mine! 

'We' played family dodgeball ...I opted to help watch littles. It was intense and I don't love getting pummeled. 

Couldn't have had a better family reunion... 

Ok so there were some major things that we were praying over like little Emma in the hospital and grandpas RV burning down outside of Boise and Dareks car breaking .... But all recovered and had a great reunion.

This was the first time 2 of my kids have met great grandpa McCoy and he is such a great man and so nice. We had a nice family share where we all went around and told memories we had with him and he talked about the war and loved hearing from everyone. 

Brian and Janet McCoy have 30 grandchildren and this is first time there were all together! 

Proud to be a McCoy they feel like my family and have taken me in these 16 years. Every family has their quirks but we are dedicated to each other regardless. 

Ps Utah is beautiful. 

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Things that make me laugh

Ahhh weren't we cute?!!! 

Paisley made this wrist purse for Jason! 

Sunday is the sabbath!

What we did this past one besides going to church.. 

Dumped out and played with a lot of Legos. We love our duplo! 

Played the bee game and paisley won and got the pin! 

(Mom took a nap) 

Dad played with good old Polly pockets 
What a good daddy do we have?! 

Darby made brownies that morning (so not to heat up the house) and we had spaghetti for dinner. 

We listened to church music on the Sonos speaker and pretty much a perfect day!