Monday, March 2, 2015


Ok so it's not her birthday but she is just so dang cute I have to talk about paisley right now. 

Love her art and she loves to dance but you have to give her your undivided attention while she dances. She likes an audience. She is super sweet and yet still sometimes needs a surprise nap if she is getting grumpy I know it's just cause she is tired. 

She loves to help me and made me these coupons which I love love . I have already cut out a few of them to use. 

Just love my little paisley and so lucky I have her!! 

Thursday, February 26, 2015

I really should be in bed

But I will write for just a little bit.

Ya see this week I started out strong, and then kinda crashed and burned.  that happens.

and like always, must dust myself off and try again.

So I'm going to download some pictures on here of some of the triumphs of motherhood.

Because I tend to look at only what I am doing wrong.  No seriously I think its a disease. 

And I think its important for me to stop and remember that there is a lot i am all doing right.

So in no particular order and no particularly long thinking here are some of my greater motherhood moments.

1.  Ivy eating kale.  Makes me happy every time she is wanting to eat my salad.

2.  My kids begging for lemon lettuce which is an Evans family tradition I successfully passed along.

3.  When they share, its like gold I tell ya.

4.  When I hear them playing the piano

5.  When they read their scriptures.

6.  When they eat fruit and vegetables and salad (why are so many of these food related apparently thats something I am always aiming for)

7.  When they are happy and getting the childhood I hoped for them

8. Luke mowing the lawn. 

9. Teaching the kids to ride a bike . Ok so technically I only taught the first two and then baylie taught herself and then Jason taught paisley but I'm claiming them all I tell you! All of them ;) 

10. When they are brave. Oh man I so love to see them be brave it is one of my favorite things! Hmmm maybe this one isn't from me either but I really try to help them not be scared of life

11. When the kids cook with me or chop things or crack eggs. Darby has been my cooking partner of late when if remember and us Mccoys like our food ;) 

12. It's totally dorky but really being the music leader was really neat because I got to teach them songs!! How many songs do we learn from our moms?? Tons! They are the first ones to teach us the abc song and row row your boat. 

13. Makeup. My girls sure no how to slather on some lipgloss and they are not afraid to use it. Your welcome kids. :). 

okay, i'm out thats all i could come up with.  But when I was lamenting to my sister about a certain son, cough cough, being just like me in not the best way, she said to me, but yes that also means he is like you in the good parts too.

okay now for the photos.

I really love when they eat my food. And this was a glimpse of tonite. Every nite we eat without Jason and I don't get stressed or someone in trouble is a success to me. It's taken a while to get there.

This is picfure I loved oh look how cute my family playing a card game . Oh wait Luke just whacked baylie..... Errr maybe not so perfect. 

Ok ignore the face Luke is making but this was like a perfect moment for me. Like exactly what I envisioned my family being like in my wildest dreams. During morning scripture reading Luke was helping paisley read and it was just so so cute. 

I love when they play together and maybe not something I particularly did as a mother but dang it I'm claiming it hehehe 

Sponteous moments are the best . One Saturday Jason let me sleep in (love you forever for that thank you!) and I came down stairs to this glorious sight! Oh to be a kid with all your stuffed animals crowded around you in a box! I'm going to miss this age 

15 years

Our family turned 15 this year and we patted each other on the back and gave a round of high five because keeping a family together is an important accomplishment. Lots of things want to tear it apart sometimes but dang it we are not letting that happen ever! 

Seminary schedule and scouts killed celebrating on our actual anniversary and so we went out on Saturday nite. I pretty much can only talk Jason into eating Indian once a year for our anniversary even though he likes it, I looooooove it. 

Sometimes I'm sad because we don't go on fun vacations without the kids but we did something I've been wanting to do for a while, go to the Getty. Pretty neat to live close to so many attractions. Jason hadn't been there in like ten years we guessed! 

The only thing I would have done different is eaten first. Bad decision to eat after because I was starving by the time 8:30 hit!!  So I almost wish I could redo and be smarter about it but whatever. Also it was like the one cold day to go up there but glad we went. That is the first time I've gone without children I think! Could really look at the paintings and read about them which was great. 

Amazing to see such old works of art!! 

I liked what this one said 

Did you know Van Gogh painted the iris while sitting in the asylum after having a major mental health breakdown? Thought that was neat. Beauty can come from everywhere and I can only imagine how he must have felt. I'm sure he didn't think people would be looking at it years later in a museum. 

Behind us was a Picasso that we weren't allowed to take a picfure of and they had a guard right next to it. We figured out quick. The more expensive paintings had more guards in the room. 

That Picasso was a privately owned one new to the exhibit and it was the owners who requested no picfures. It wasn't even a completely picfure just a study of his. 

And here was the starter at royal tandoori. Pretty much all I keep thinking of is how I can go back so I can better enjoy it. That's the problem with not getting out much my expectations sometimes get too high!! 

Ahhhhh yum!!!! 

And this sight is pretty much the best leftovers in the world! I could it is everyday. My kids were begging for some which I hate to share but love that they have good taste! 

Friday, February 20, 2015

Too legit to quit

So ya we thought we killed one of the rabbit already but after losing it over night, a prayer from baylie and a stealthy search buttercup was found! Or else that was going to be the shortest owned to lost ratio ever! 

Darby and baylie posing at target ...silly target trying to make a Instagram spot you don't need to impress us like that . 

But what I did need was some chocolate covered my belly! 

And so we made them! Well Luke didn't since he is official party pooper of the house but the girls know what's up! 

Yes paisley I too would like to be smothered in chocolate it is full of joy. 

I think the bunnies might hate us but oh well they are stuck.. Since they run back to their cages as soon as they can. And rusty doesn't help. No dog/bunny snuggle pictures to add to Pinterest

We got a surprise visit from college Christie and this is her influence on ivy. Do love how excited my kids are to see that girl. 

Hip hip hooray it's Friday. I'm beat! 

Just finished the book half broke horses which was Jeannette walls other memoir of her grandmother. Soo good too, much less cussing but didn't care for it when Rosemary was in it more maybe because I already knew how that part turned out!