Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Did I mention Darby turned 12

It was a big deal here I promise.

But somehow I neglected to write it on the blog?  Until I was going to post about Ivy.  I guess my new trend is lateness? Thats cool I can own it.

Darby has been thrilled to turn 12 and enter young womens!  What neat yw leaders she has that have made her transition so special. Hand making special holders for her temple recommend and personal progress books, coming over to tell her about yw and the strength of youth, and kid napping her with the girls for ice cream!

There are certain kids who don't ask for much and certain kids who have quite a list, and well Darby falls in that later category but we made all her dreams happen!

She wanted to camp outside with her dad (the rest of the family came too).  She wanted crepes for dessert (since I have boycotted them for breakfast).  Hmmm....what else?  She wanted tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches.

Oh yes, the big news is Darby has a phone!!!!!

a flip phone in new McCoy tradition.

She wanted to play the googly eyes game with the family.  And watched Parent trap.

oh yes, the bummer part was Jason was out of town all week at Disneyworld for work.

So we skipped school on Darby's birthday and played at Disneyland.  We didn't make it all day though and she was able to have in and out for dinner and then we went to her first wednesday nite young women activity.

now enjoy some lovely pictures of my oldest girl, Darby

Monday, June 5, 2017

youth conference

I am totally overwhelmed with gratitude with the dedication, wonderful inspired ideas, endless service hours from the volunteers that put together youth conference.  Because as the parent of a child who went, it was PRICELESS and the greatest gift!   Thank you thank you.

Luke loooooved it.  He had so much fun.  What great kids we have in our stake, the world is going to be just fine I tell you because the future looks BRIGHT!!!

So grateful for the giants Ethan and McCray who were Luke's companions and such a good influence on him.  Seriously those boys I have not met but he only raved about.  Thanks for being nice to the younger kid!  Thanks for Teak whoever you are for talking football with him and all the kids who played piano who were super awesome and gave him something to shoot for.

Grateful for his mission presidents the Millers who I know always put their heart and soul into everything and just want those youth to feel everything so much!  Grateful for Brother Snow who drove around my son for 4 hours on a Saturday so he could be on splits with the missionaries in Van Nuys, grateful for the good missionaries who took him with him, and the families who let them in.  Thanks to all the people who spoke and prepared and took time out of their life for SERVICE!  Thanks for all the other parents of these amazing youth for teaching your kids so my kid has some dang amazing kids to be friends with!

Luke came home talking his head off about it, saying how MUCH FUN it was! Church was fun, the world is a beautiful place i tell ya.  He only ever talks that much after football practice.

icing on the cake, Luke bore his testimony of The Book of Mormon both to investigators and at testimony meeting thanks to some prodding by Brittney.

His highlights were the Sky High high were he dunked it with the boys and his leaders.  He said Jason did some too before he grabbed his walker ;)  Lukes words not mine.

Saturday was church dress and the spiritual day and while Luke said he was preparing himself not to have as much fun because of that he said it was awesome!  He loved it.

Thanks for all who made the food and cleaned up the food, you fed my boy for 2 days!  For whoever made those cute shirts that are actually cool to wear and don't look too churchy ;)

What a great way to kick off summer!  Couldn't be happier that Luke got to benefit from all this! He would completely agree.

When the Millers told me that they felt like they didn't make much of an impact this weekend, I told Luke and he was just as incredulous as I was.  Every single person made an impact and it was HUGE!

PS. the theme was all missionary work with the catch phrase ANSWER THE CALL!

I forgot to add that Luke was called to the Colorado mission.  They used the location of wherever the mission president served and then you ate dinner from that area....Luke had rocky mountain oysters!!!! which are testicles!!!!!  It made for an exciting nite .  He said they were chewy but not bad.  :)

Everyone spills at our house

seriously, we are having record amounts of spilling.  Took the girls to get a slurpee which we never do but was thinking close cheap cold treat.  i think they each spilled twice at the store.  we definitely need to go back to up their slurpee skills.

jason bonked the crap out of the sacrament water so loud and spilled all over me and him.  I don't know why i thought this was so funny but it was. wow.

so much to do so little time.

luke starts football today (goodbye casual summer, hello rigid football schedule that means we all work around it)

need to draw blood today for lab work....wahooooo, not.

volunteer a tiny bit in ivy class.

pick up some meds cause crap i still need those things despite all my plant eating.

clean house (really hard to be motivated to do this one)

be happy :)

girls have swim lessons today, which has been such a fun treat and even better having april teach.

type up notes for relief society

feed the masses

exercise i miss you lets get back together...hmmm...but what about my knee...hmmmm.

gotta go run and take kids to school.


Thursday, June 1, 2017

bad news

Have heard lots of bad news lately, seems likes its coming wave after wave.

Our neighbor Jim died very unexpectedly.  He was such a sweet man, really looked out for our family, was always around and probably heard way too much of our business and still talked to us!  He used to bring us free day old bread from Costco, was a staple in the neighborhood and like the best watchman around.  My kids would often yell out the door "Thank you Jim" when the door bell rang and there would be a pile of bread there.

Didn't get to say by, we will miss him and know he will be doing lots of good on the other side.  Left his sweet wife here who has cancer.  Just the kindest most Christian people in word and deed. Jim was the preacher at his church and his heart stopped during choir practice after a perfect Sunday of church, swimming and tacos his wife said.  Will not be the same not seeing him all the time.

Life sure seems so unpredictable of late.  Ya don't get pick some of your problems, grateful for the ones we have.  Just trying to always make sure we get the ones out of our control and that we aren't doing anything to be the problem ourself.  Focusing on God and family and enjoying each other.

Life is too short to sweat the small stuff and I know life continues beyond the grave.

Jason's uncle Jim passed very unexpectedly too this month and way too young.  While we did not see him very often, maybe a handful of times if that in our marriage, he left behind a devoted family but one that is proud of man he was and a faithful legacy of good deeds.  All you can hope for really.  And so glad to be sealed to our families for eternity.

I look at my precious kids and hope to make sure to spot all the red flags in their future and warn them and teach them...but really the most important thing you can teach is the problems can be fixed, you are never too far away from Christ and he always always always wants you back.

Keep thinking about the prodigal son, and Alma the younger and Saul who became Paul and all the other imperfect people I have read about my whole life who were tested and become trusted by the Lord and great servants.  Do I really believe those stories?  Do I really think that people can change? Can He make them even better than they ever could have imagined to be?

And yes I do.  Shoot I have.  and so grateful of extra chances to get life right and for the Saviors forgiveness and help and softening hearts...mine and others.

Okay, now someone tell me a good joke cause i need it.

Last day of school for Luke he is officially a high schooler, where is the time going.  I miss my best friend baby boy but this stage is even better.

I promise I'm okay, just helps to write out these thoughts when I get them.