Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sticker charts

Hoping Baylie and a I can both get our stickers today! Luke's piano practice lost mine yesterday :/ 

Fingers crossed! 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Weekends are the best

Just don't want to forget this sight. If you haven't seen Meet the Mormons or get a chance ...GO! My brother and sister in law drove two hours to see it in another state! 

Nana sends the best packages. 

Luke made this sword out of duct tape and thick brown paper and a sheath. When I picked up I was like dang this is heavy.  Oh yes cause a big stick is in the middle.

All ivy wants to do is play go fish here she is playing with her big brother 

Found these Darby made ... ?????

We saw that Alexander no good terrible very bad movie as a family and really liked it. Laughed out loud a few times. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Her first sports injury

Five minutes before the end of her practice Thursday nite Darby got hurt in a scrimmage. She is a tough player and so when she is down it must really hurt. She couldn't walk on it still Friday afternoon so took her in to the ER to get an xray. No fracture just bruised but has to wear this thing at least over the weekend and missed her game. Her team was also sad about that since they are similar to the little engine that could and Darby is their only scorer really.  

I immediately freaked out because it meant I would have to figure out our dreaded insurance and was overwhelmed with what to do with the other kids and sure was wishing I lived closer family.  I cried to the first two receptions I talked to (and poor Beth) and finally called my sister for advice. She gave some great tips and when we settled on the ER she said to put on my cutest outfit, bring food, redo my makeup and take my time and that she has noticed they are nicer to you there when you seem like you have your act together. 

So that's what I did. I waited til others were home from school, picked up a babysitter and it went great. 

Oh all the poor ladies at drs offices and insurance companies who I have cried too I couldn't even count! Thankfully I usually never talk to them again! 

Darby is currently the house celebrity because is there anything cooler than crutches? She has realized they aren't very fun but her siblings have not. 

And at least she got to get pictures today! 

Whirlwind Utah pictures

Luke positively happy at 2:40 am after his first byu game. 

Same hair don't care ;) me and Erin and Amberli 

Some of the McCoy granddaughters

Baylie schooling her uncles in football

Visiting Christies dorm room 

A friendly McCoy water game 

Paisley with brynn

Ivy with Sophie 

Darby pulling Alex 

Paisley on a two wheeler

Paisley with goldfish crackers and a game of memory that grandma let her play. She said grandma knows exactly what I like. 

Ivy swinging 

Jumping on uncle Darek

Some of the boys

This newly 16 year old Reagan! 

Playing with Keaton and carter 

We took all the Evans kids to eat Chinese after family pictures and they did great! 

EmmaJane carrying little P
Everyone wants to sit with grandpa

Darby and Alvhild and Gracie 

Ivy and the always smiling June

Taking their last bath in grandpa and grandmas tub.