Wednesday, October 1, 2014


This has been a wierd week. 

I was thinking if I could call my grandpa he would be very amused about how much his funeral has gotten me out of . Like tonite we just ditched football practice. Just couldn't go one more place so played the funeral card and stayed home and played monopoly and are nachos. I think grandpa would have approved. 

He is also getting me out helping at the school walk a thon and Jason missing a day of seminary (ok so granted we have to drive 10 hours and it's the shortest turnaround ever but oh well)

And he would have loved that the timing was so perfect that we just happen to be able to crash Jason's big family get together that we were going to miss and I get to meet my niece and nephew finally! 

And in strange turn events I have been super productive lately which is nothing I claim to be. Just focused and full of energy (or maybe the constant caffeine? Also would have been approved by grandpa) 

Now I would say we still have our usually three or four pitfalls in the day (that boy is stubborn as a mule like I know what mules are like I have no idea!) and paisley super loves me or super doesn't at least a few times and baylie and I still have our usual head butts and Darby is slower than molasses (again, no idea what that's really like) and well ivy she never listens to me at all and I usually yell or almost lose my cool (do know what that is like) and have to reign it in a few times ...But all and all just normal family life stuff. And we actually have been fun. 

Monopoly...who knew? (Name that princess movie ripoff!) 

Seriously though we can all play together and we all have fun. Two days in a row now. Although today I got smoked... I think I sat in the jinxed chair.

Oh yes and I took ivy to the library story time since I cannot shake it at Zumba for a while. (Maybe that's why I've been so productive, less time exercising and showering after... Ahhh we can never do it all!!!!) 

Darby invading rustys personal space 

And the three amigos watching iPad cause they cleaned their room. Ya right it was mostly me that were stinky cleaners tonite I should be paid for this! 

Is there anything better than this? 

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

My pride and joys

So I'm going to try and be better at taking pictures.  Because they look great and while I might never have professional matching but not really matching pictures where everyone loves to hates us ones…the regular five minutes before church kind are just as good and super cute.  

Who would have thought that a rebellious teenager who hated babysitting would one day but the proud mother of five beautiful children.  How lucky am I? 

Lately just been enamored with the idea of being happy inspite of it all. I sort of feel like the Lord has dared me.  Like okay so I'm going to throw this at you are you still going to find a way to be happy?  Okay, well now how about this?  Well this one is really is going to test ya.  And maybe its not the Lord maybe its just LIFE and the Lord is aware of it all and making it all be for my good.  

Because life is going on around us no matter what so might as well do it with a smile on our face.  And how can I not when I see these cute faces?  Totally worth not having hubcaps on my car for…again.  I have a pretty fantastic life and I'm so grateful for it.  Just look at these cute faces!!!

ooooh i spotted that Barbie too late!!!

And I'm pretty sure Paisley has a donut in her mouth right now.  And whats Ivy doing in the back with that peace sign?  sweet photo bomb.

Oh my goodness, Darby is getting so old she is beautiful!!!!!!!

Luke and Jason won and so his head his buzzed….but I hope those blonde tips come back next summer! Handsome regardless! And I said to Luke to hide the fact that his tie is totally shredded underneath this and look you are all fooled...

Amusing McCoy moments of late:  Our family home evenings.  These last ones have been really funny.  Feel free to take notes cause I know you will want to do them too ;) 

- Make bets of how many primary songs you can sing in the car ride to go get ice cream.  Eat ice cream…Go home.  FHE…done :)  

crap now I can't remember the other one, I'll have to go ask Jason!  But it was equally as awesome. No wait I just remembered it.  

- Go get taco bell and eat that and powdered donuts while eat person tells one thing they are grateful for and one of their blessings.  Now are these the greatest FHEs of your life?  Wait, what, no?  Whatever these is pure awesomeness.  Your welcome :)  

and click here to read the greatest speech on HAPPINESS

Monday, September 29, 2014

Sad Happy Stuff

My thoughts this week have been on my super cute Grandpa Dalton who passed away.  92 years on earth with a full life and a sharp mind is hard to beat!  Sure think I got the kindest, most honorable grandpa.  He proves again to me that some of the best people do not go to church!  I'm sure it was a great reunion in heaven with my grandma.  My kids said they even probably kissed (to which Paisley responded…COOL!)  He had a big posterity rooting for him here like he was always rooting for us.  He deserves to have a good strong body again and I plan on giving him a big huge hug one day again.  So glad families are forever because of our Savior.

Some of my favorite Grandpa memories are definitely snow skiing in college and him making the best sandwiches to eat on the way home.

Going to visit in college when I was homesick and didn't know very many people.  Always was a safe place to go.

Him throwing me in the pool (I must have been little!!) at the country club.

Also a cool fun fact is my grandpa's name is on the inscription of the Marriot Center at BYU because he helped with it.  And we found out from my sisters awesome investigative skills in family history…a newspaper article that says he was awarded the first businessman of the year award from BYU…no wonder he was always such a BYU fan.

He sure loved my family and the kids and I worry that Jason and I personally shaved off a few years of his life with how much he worried about us during unemployment.  My most tender letters from him were during this time.

So we found out about that early Saturday morning…and then had to be at Darby's soccer game at 7:15 a.m.

Jason and I divided and conquered because Luke had to be at his game shortly after that for pictures so I just took Baylie with me.

The last soccer game of Darby's we went to was a slaughter and it was super hot so really we were just hoping someone would score a goal since that had not happened yet and this was game 3!

Well, the first little bit of the game Darby was moseying along, like walking to the ball!  It was driving me nuts and I yelled, is your foot hurt, why aren't you running?  And she yelled back, because I don't want to!  which got a big laugh from the parents who heard.

But then her hustling self kicked in and she scored a freaking goal!  The first one I was yelling and jumping and texting Jason and my family who I already had been texting all morning.

Well then she came to see me during a time out and I said that was awesome, do it again!

And that girl did.  And then again and again!  The only person to score, I was jumping so much and such a proud mama!  4 goals in one game and they won!!!  The other team was huge so maybe she was intimidated in the beginning but wow that sure was fun to watch.  Poor Jason was so sad to miss it but I don't think it will be the last she has caught the bug!

A friend of mine came and said hi after the game cause she said she could hear me from far and said, I know that voice! haha, and embarrassing ;)

Then we went to Luke's game and he wasn't too pleased with it but today he had a game (Monday nite) that Jason missed as well and it was great!  You can only do as much as the coach puts you in but where he was put he did great!  Threw a touchdown pass and had an interception and pulled a bunch of flags.  I'd say it was nearly his best game all season.  Sometimes you have a great day and sometimes you have an off day ya just never know.

I just so excited I brought my big camera!  Such better pictures :)  and plenty of my buddy Baylie

At the end of the game, is that a happy smile or what?!!

 Paisleys go to face…lovely :)

 Luke doing some blocking :)

 ivys favorite stance…oh wait no thats running away, okay so her second favorite stance

ahh, this is a cute day picture :)  and the girls with their devices…what a strange growing up they have!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Zumba fail

So on the first song yesterday at Zumba (my favorite song actually by Macklemore) my dang ankle went out. Ouch . And then ivy didn't want to leave but I needed to go home. I finally coerced her to come with me and we sat on the couch with ice on my ankle eating the rest of the yummiest chocolates Jason got me that reminded me he still does love me :) 2 lbs of my favorite sees candy ... Ok so yes I had to write down which were my favorites and then I said if you ever are going to get my chocolates these are my favorites cause the regular always have a few gross ones like nougat and coffee. 

Anyway we ate our chocolates and watched Anastasia which is a movie that I usually don't like but as I was watching it I was starting to tear up at meg Ryan's voice over and hoped she really could be reunited with her grandmother. Obviously it was a sappy morning and that's kinda how the rest of the day went. 

I hobbled along eating everything I could get my hands on but that was the last of ivy staying still until the next time I put a show on (Beethoven) at 5 cause I was exasperated. 

We has chicken cordon bleu pasta and I made Beth's (bless you for that recipe!) pumpkin (can't taste the pumpkin) chocolate with tons of chocolate chip muffins. 

Then we had football practice til 7:30 which means we didn't get home til 8 and it was like the rare day Jason didn't meet me there so it was a looong day. But the weather was so nice and girls had fun playing...okay except paisley she mostly pouted. 

There was hilarious free style trumpet playing since Darby just started lessons (still keeping piano for sure) with the school band (all six of them).  And since Darby is so nice she gave all her siblings a turn on it and she hasn't had a happier day because of that instrument. 

Been having some strong feelings lately that I just really like my life despite anything that is wrong or falling apart or broken. And whenever you get those warm fuzzies in my mind life tries to beat it out of you ... 

Thankfully I refuse to let go to those happy thoughts and am cleaving to them even if Its with a limp. 

I can't remember what else I was gonna say but will just leave with you a few pictures. Mostly which I realized are of ivy and need to take more pictures of baylie :) 

Ivy and Baylee 
This is what happens when I try and take pictures of ivy. 

Ivy and her pal cole 

Darby resting after soccer... She is a beast on the field. 

This is how Luke likes his bed. This is not how I like his bed . Oh yes and he thinks it is 'made' . He says it's cozy. Usually I find about three shirts in this mess. 

Ivy looooooves makeup

Darby and the beloved trumpet! 
I found her outside like this it's pretty perfect. 

Luke being quarterback. California sure has some awesome weather when she wants to. Just wish it would rain. 

This morning I toured CPK and this is the freezer. 

Ivy made some pizza (paisley will tomorrow) 

Finally can go high on a big swing