Thursday, May 19, 2016

Coming up with titles is too hard

My cilantro always dies and its growing!! Too bad I have have had no desire to cook with it lately. 

I love this self portrait of baylie. We knew it was her because she is the only blonde in her class. And then I realized paisley was too! Funny! 

But I loved what she said about herself! Never lose this Baylie!!!! 

Ivy taking selfies of herself in her swimsuit at panera ... Totally normal . She was doing Disney side app her favorite thing. 

These girls love each other so much this is before school. 

When the heck is school over cause we are sick of making lunches and homework! 

New favorite show : wolfblood on BBC 

Fav quotes last couple days 

We have been playing catch with baseballs lately and baylie came in all hot and sweaty " I want to quit but don't want Luke to feel bad" hahahah 

My arm is sore it's been a while since a threw a baseball but wow I don't drop hardly any balls unlike football so better for my ego. 

Was having a bit of mommy pms and Darby said ' Your pretty on the inside ' ha! Love you Darby! 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Jana and apt 79

Remember that one time I went to byu and made great friends and then don't get to see them hardly ever?

well the best thing about college was definitely the people I met and Jana was one of them! And now she is a mom of 7!! So when she said she was going to Disneyland and thankfully the stars aligned and I got to see her even just for a short bit! And meet her cute family! 

Oh yes and Jana and I are the same height!! 

Oh yes and here are little minis that could be future roommates one day! Rosie and Ivy! 

That Ivy is pretty amazing. We were in the car for 4 hours that day and we had to be back before school pickup and only rode one ride! 

Between this and this big PTA event the next day I was pretty beat by the end of the week but it was so worth it!!!! 

Shhhh don't tell her sisters she met belle they haven't yet and she is one of their favorites! 

I need Sunday's

Luke sharing his ear buds Saturday with paisley. Love his iPod shuffle because now he is singing all in the house! But now I just have to monitor that they aren't always in his ears!!! 

Jason did not want to take a picture but it must be documented that he has recently installed two ceiling fans with lights and makes the kids rooms so much better! Love how handy he is something I did not realize when we were dating. 

Ivy walked to school with grandma b and it was adorable! 

Luke has found a new talent lately!!! He is wonderful with little kids! (Ok so already knew that one but still) he had this little minature posse he was playing football with one afternoon when we went swimming. 

Ivy wore flip flops which weren't quite up to par so Jason had to carry her most of it! 

Oh yeah I finally got me a fanny pack! I love it! Now everyone wants one! Think it would be a fun thing to collect! 

Seriously though. Sunday's are the best. 

Church was wonderful . Great speakers and good lessons and I got to sub baylies class. Took a nap, read a book. We ate outside. Luke helped make chicken pot pie. Then when on our new favorite walk in nature. (We took dahvid with us!) 

Sunday's are a delight! #hisday

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Some of my favorites

nothing is better than watching a sleeping child.  boy that sounds creepy if it wasn't coming from her mom!!! 

even better when they just fall asleep themselves somewhere because that is RARE!!!

I LOVE FAMILY SCRIPTURES READING FOR MOMENTS LIKE THIS!!!!  Guys, I mean GALS, I mean my family and few friends who read this.  Family Scripture reading is the best thing we do every day.  We don't even discuss much just read (can you guess which one of the parents likes to discuss and which ones just wants to read?)

Even if they moan or its like a practice in patience to hear new readers,  its the best thing!!!!

Don't be like us and implement this much sooner than we did!  Every person reads.  EVERY PERSON!  We just so like 2-3 verses per reader and 1 verse for the non-readers which we just tell them and they repeat it line for line.  WORTH IT!

Baylie's note to Luke about his talk on Sunday.

My girls are obsessed with the OUR GENERATION DOLLS AT TARGET (See I'm not even gonna call them american girl dolls) and since Baylie's birthday already passed and she was gonna be the only one without one and they were on sale I gave Baylie lots of opportunities to earn some money on Saturday so she could get one.  And of course then Paisley bawled because she was jealous of the one Baylie got even though Paisley could have gotten it and picked out her own just a few weeks ago.

Baylee's face was priceless and I got a cleaner house win win!

Guys the TANNERS CAME TO VISIT US!  Gosh I love those people.  My home away from home in college and just a tender spot in my heart! And so touched they were take time out of their trip to come visit us.  And even cuter they were on their now traditional grandkids trip!!!  So adorable we got to hang out with 3 cute little girls and get to know them better!  Reese, Audrey and Mae!

And in weird fashion it was like the only cold day and even rained when we were at the park!

Here is Uncle Ben surrounded by little women.  (should have taken a picture with me and aunt pam!)

While the big kids were in school we went to lunch.  These girls are all the same age!!!

Oh man I think we should recreate this one when they are 18 don't you think?

BEST DAD IN THE WORLD!!!  OH MAN THIS BOY IS MAKING MY HAIR GRAY!  good think he is also super sweet and makes me laugh pretty good!!!  CAUSE HE SURE DOES WHAT HE WANTS WHERE DID HE GET THAT FROM?!!!!

I have never seen Annie Get your gun...wait unless Courtney was in a play of it but i don't think so.  anyway but i LOOOOOVE THIS SONG.  It might be my life mantra.  seriously how my mother raised me.  we women can do ANYTHING!  But sure glad and grateful to have those handsome strong men around cause boy we need them!!!  Super funny song though, every single one of us gets a kick out of it.