Sunday, March 16, 2014

Bumpy Ride!

Well folks, life for sure is a bumpy ride!  This will be worth reading the whole thing so you can find out what the heck is happening with the McCoys.  Its a jaw dropper.

So much has happened these last two weeks and I think I can finally talk about it without wanting to throw up.

Bad news first we are on the job search again…thanks to 700 layoffs that happened at Disney Interactive a week and a half ago.  We were pretty shocked and than shocked that we were shocked cause shouldn't we be pros by now? and than so amazingly glad my mom had planned a sort of last minute trip to California that landed the same exact week (plus Luke and my birthdays).  Was heaven sent and really what helped shake me out of a fog really.  God was aware of our needs and sent my mother to help!

Also the same day we heard about Jason's job, my dear friend Laurie re-posted my unemployment tips post on her new awesome blog Foray into Food Storage and jazzed it all up so it looked great.  But the cool thing about that was that it meant I reread what I wrote that morning about unemployment and dang my old me was so stinking positive that I remembered all the good parts of when you have to do go through weird hard times and perfect timing.   That Laurie I have always admired for being really in tune with the Spirit.

Read the fancy version here, Laurie made it look gooooooood.  

Good news is Jasons prospects are pretty great and although I'm a cynical old fool he is very hopeful and optimistic and has me nearly convinced to switch sides.

More good news is that his work experience is strong and has lots of connections so if we can cut down our last search by half (which would be 4.5 months) I'll be thrilled.  But as in all things, lots of unknown.  Can't know the future but know there is a plan and  we both have good feelings about it (which says a lot cause its been a crapper few months to be quite honest which we will tell our children about maybe when they are 30).

So maybe will get a few more home projects done and volunteer in school again, there are some major perks with having your husband home all the time except that whole no money thing.  We are going to approach it different this time.  We are different people than we were before.  A little more street smart maybe?  So will need a round two tips I suppose.  Right now just groaned more than cried and didn't want to talk about it to anyone at first.  Also we are going to try and avoid going back to the bishop storehouse as much as we can just cause our little pride might not be able to take it…"Hey guys, we're baaaack!"  And we have added another line to our million prayers a day that the kids and us say…please help dad find a job quickly and permanently and with benefits.  I believe you need to pray with specifics!

Life is forcing us to adapt and change again and God is much smarter than us so we are just rolling with it.

We are deciding this is our unemployment do-over (or maybe do-over-over-over since not the second time!).  We are big into do-overs at our house.  They are great.  Can never have enough of them.  We even had a valentines do-over this year…it was on March 1st!

Read for the next bit?

Other news is this morning, Jason was asked to be the new early, early seminary teacher (which is different from regular early seminary teacher) and starts tomorrow.  Wow that was a surprise.

If you are not mormon, know seminary teacher is a lot of work.  If you are mormon you are just glad its not you.  Although we have been told by friends and family who have done it that they loved it.

So, at 5:50 a.m. Jason will be in a tie and dress clothes greeting 20 + teenagers ages 14 - 17 and teaching them about the Book of Mormon.  Every day of the school week coinciding with their calendar.

God works in mysterious ways and I will say His timing seems spot on for this type of change in my opinion.  We need something that will keep us close to him and frankly we need the blessings that will come from it.

I told all those teenage boys and girls to be nice to Jason and to put in their food requests for treats and snacks…cause teenagers at 5:50 a.m. can be prickly bunch.  But really neat too since both our parents taught seminary and it was my junior year of high school when we were studying the New Testament and after a course correction from my parents that I really gained a testimony of Jesus and changed my life.  Those years are precious and we can sure get in our own way sometimes but thankfully Jason is super patient and already really loves them from serving as ym president a few years ago.

Hmmm…let me see what else?

Besides the fact that we having Nana withdrawals, our fridge is full and we know how to be poor.  Was super glad I spent all the money I did when we had it though, specifically makeup and clothes and a new hair cut.  Will make these lean times more management.  New lipstick can help lots of things.

There are worse things than having no job and I say that with experience. But no job will also unify our family (ya know when we are trying not to freak out about it and be grouchy) and that always helps.  We waited as long as we could to tell the kids and when we finally did they were totally fine with it awesome little people.  The only thing that was said was Luke asked, "So, no more good cereals?".  That pretty much sums it up.  Sometimes you eat good cereal, sometimes not the good cereals :)

So no we haven't found anything unless you hear something different.  Yes we are up for anything.  Yes Jason will be going to bed early indefinitely and yes I had a wonderful birthday and so did look and birthdays are the best thing in the world.  Reminds me of what August says in the book Wonder by RJ Palacio…"everyone deserves a standing ovation once in your life" and birthdays are like mini ones that come annually no matter how old you turn.

Thank you to my dear friends who made mine extra special, you know who you are.   I LOVE YOU!


RachelAA said...

Wow, lady. I'm here for ya - we live on a financial rollercoaster. When you said you were glad you spent that money and got the little things like lip stick, it was like you were in my head. It all happens for a reason, right!?!?

Qwendykay said...

Big Hugs Brooke! We love you and things always work out.

Mark said...

Hey Mc Coys, If you need anything, please let grampa Mark and gramma B know. We know how trying it can be when work is slow. I remember when our kids were little, ( I think we were 28 or 29 yrs old) and we didn't have the cash for the electric bill and so we had inside camping with the 6 kids. They thought this was pretty cool to have the winnie the pooh tent up in the livingroom. Just know that we are right here for you guys. Loves and Hugs Gramma B

Heather said...

Sorry y'all are having to go thru this again, but I know you'll make it thru and inspire others along the way. Will remember y'all in my prayers.

Beth said...

I love you Brooke...just love you and your whole bunch, and I know you know this but we are here no matter what!

GG & Patrick said...

I am so sorry to hear that! My thoughts and prayers are with you guys!

Diana said...

Love you! Love your family! If I can help in any way!!! Thoughts and prayers always!

Tanya said...

Well we should hang out!! You are amazing. I love you and your family! (the pool is heated...hint hint)

christy said...

Thanks for sharing your journey. It is inspiring and reminds me that we can make it through the rough times and that we should appreciate all of our many blessings and share and serve. Love you guys!

Beach Mommy said...

That's lame. Totally sucks and you should know you can always rent out your house and come live with us:) OC is not what's portrayed on the ReaI Housewives of OC I promise. I love your personality about it all, I'm sure it's filled with stress but you will be taken care of. Your needs will be met. We've all had rough times and they've all come in different forms. But they definitely have a way of opening up our eyes to how much HF knows us and loves us~ We're praying for a new job, and one with benefits for sure! Enjoy that cereal, my kids never get the yummy stuff unless cousins are in town:) Luke has it made for a week at least!

Mindy said...

Go Team McCoy! We're cheering for you guys! You continue to inspire us with your positive attitudes and smiles. We know it's tough. But you can do it! :-)