Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Summer is busy!!! (and modesty)

Summer has been awesome.  Love having everyone home and wow we are not all home together very much.  Darby had girls camp last week and loved it and Luke leaving today for Phoenix for a cousins fun week!  Then Luke has scout camp in July and we have had football everyday!  But we are finding fun whenever we came.

love this family of mine.  Also love when I eat healthy and exercise and also when I eat treats too.  My biggest thing this summer is i have been super great at reading my scriptures well.  So before I read that book i really want to read or spend some me time I have been diving into my scriptures so I can keep beastly mother away and its working!  Also Baylie thought of a great plan to keep our happy home and hearts...whenever she is crabby I bust out in dance (even if its in target!) and she has brightened up really quickly.   Still far from perfect but this summer is all about apologizing quickly and making up and forgiving so that we can be a happy home!

Operation swim in other peoples pools is going great and we love the blow up pool Ivy got for her birthday (still need to post about her birthday...hello 6!).

So this is quite a shift but I need to write down my thoughts before I forget.

First of all, had some really sweet experiences this week where felt the love of God and concern for me and my family.  I had been stressing about money and both in the same day had two really neat things happen where we were given some things that will make life a little easier.  I sometimes wonder if when the budget is tight if I should get a job, but when I prayed about it I felt like i got a big NO.   So then what?  Well this week I just was reminded that the Lord will always provide and not to worry.  Life is sure expensive though?  Sometimes I beat myself up that if I was just smarter or more clever I could save more or earn more but really I'm doing the best I can and just need to leave it up to God.  He always always has the best interest for my family and watches out for us and plans way better than I ever could and it gives me great joy to have faith in Him.

Also next churchy thought.  Modesty.  I keep my girls dressed pretty modest.  Not that I am bothered by what other girls where but just because I have thought long and hard about what we need to do as a family and also knowing that I don't want to be changing the rules for every kid. Also, I really want them to not have as hard as I did after I went through the temple and wearing garments.  So we have a no tank top no short shorts policy .  not even policy really but I just don't buy that stuff for them.  But again, no judgement about anyone else.

But again, sometimes I doubt myself.  Will they rebel when they are older?  Am I stifling them?  Am I being too strict?  Especially when I have such good good family members who love God but don't have as strict as rules with their family and there girls are thriving!  But this is always what my gut has told me to do with our family and know I don't want to have battles over this over the years.

Well about two weeks ago I had a really neat tender mercy when after I talked to my sister and shared my concern.  She called back to tell me about a yw training she was at where they talked about the direction of the church and girls going through the temple earlier!  Well then that changed everything.!  Because that meant what I am doing now is preparing my daughters to go to the temple earlier even if they don't go on a mission or marry, they could enter the temple.  And how are they going to go from wearing short shorts to 'mom clothes' and know how to be fashionable and modest if they have never done it before?

So if you know me I'm very open with the kids and when I had the girls in the car I told them about this exciting thing I heard.  And then I told them about how when I was younger I would cry and throw a big fit about having to wearing long shorts for youth conference and how miserable and hard for me it was (granted they were a lot uglier back then). But i don't want them to freak out like that or be tempted to try and ditch their garments whenever they could and bless those girls they got it!!!  Darby said, "But if you are doing it when you are younger then it just comes naturally"  and Baylie said, "Its not rules its preparing!" And I said yes, every time you dress modestly you are preparing for the temple which is what I want for you girls more than anything else!  The blessings and promises of the temple or worth every effort!

Baylie said mom this is the best talk ever.  And then we talked about how important it is to know the WHY behind things and if they ever don't understand the why about one of our rules I will help explain and that I don't like rules or doing stuff when I don't understand the WHY behind it either.

And then we talked about yes its hotter.  In the summer especially.  :)

Other girl talks we have in our house.  Be beautiful on the inside as well as the outside.  And you can look and fuss about yourself when you are home but when you leave the house don't worry what you look like and just be happy and nice!  I do not want to raise selfie-obsessed girls who are insecure!  I want to raise confident girls who can conquer anything life throws at them and who care more about other people than they do about their looks!

Grateful for the tender mercies from God that I am doing what He wants me to do.  They are his kids first after all!  And so lucky to be their mother (and Luke's because he is fantastic).  And thankful for the divine reassurance I still need because I worry that I am doing whats best for them sometimes.  But once I have that confirmation from God that its right, all my worries go away.

Okay, thats it. writing this reminds me of all the other things I need to write about like Luke speaking at Ashley's baptism!

Enjoying our summer and yes you can invite us to your pool ;) We have not hit the beach yet because of football schedule but want to when we can!

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