Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Got my thankful back

It took some humbling and putting my pride in my pocket but I feel so much better.

Here are some pictures of the most awesome children who have a very imperfect and often volatile mother who is still has relearn things all the dang time!

Went on a hike with the girls . Saw nothing green but 4 really cute things. Ok and a dog.

I really love the outdoors. And new adventures and finding new places. Thanks melody for forcing me out of my comfort zone.

Ok so I guess there is a little green in there.

Guys are piano is like the velveteen rabbit but i seriously love it. So much wonderful sounds memories have come from it! Bless you Craigslist man who gave it for free.

This boy. He is a good one. He faces a crazy world in this jr high business and still keeps his head up. Our kids are better than us!

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