Tuesday, November 22, 2016

No school is the best

Yesterday the girls and I ran some errands and went shopping.  And we pulled out the Christmas boxes.  Gosh I love them.  They are at such great ages.  Luke is pretty awesome too, but he still has school.  And would have hated going shopping.

Yesterday we had some oldie but goodie friends over for friendsgiving.  Good food and company.  And ironically the only time it rains is when 20+ people are coming over.  the kids still played outside cause rain is that special.

At church we talked about what we were thankful for and I wrote down a few things then.  Also ironic is that a few of things quickly turned a bit sour so I'm hoping to get the thankfulness feeling back for them.  Here is what I wrote..

Good hygiene
New start everyday
Friends who reach out to me
Hands that help the refugees
Relief society
The temple

 This is from morning scripture meeting, cozy snuggling is a must!

Nothing makes me happier than when I find them playing together so nicely!  Okay thats a bold statement so its at least in the top 5.

Not many people get to bring a fan club when they get their blood taken! Half of mine our squeamish and the other half like to watch.  

What did we buy?  Shoes mostly.  The ones from fall have already given out on us. Thank you mall for coming to the rescue!  

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Nancy Jo said...

Love your fan club! What a great idea to bring them with you!