Thursday, December 1, 2016

things i need to remember

christmas freakouts, pity parties but then lots and lots of good stuff.  I just need to remember the bad stuff will pass and usually helps if i go clean something or get some stuff done.

worked on my budget for december so currently think i'm the bomb.  feels good to be organized.  love everydollar.  really really really love every dollar and dave ramsey's program even though it did cause some above mentioned christmas freakouts and said pity party.  But things are always better than they seem.  and working on my budget helped me with that.


Sooo what service did I do?

I wrote my family all notes about how much I love them and why and how thankful I am for them.  My hand hurt after because I have a lot of people living her.  Very cute people.  hopefully they can read them because my handwriting is messy (understatement).

I'm so thankful for my family and good friends who ignore my crazy bits.  Sometimes they show more than I would like and I'm so glad when they ignore them and like me anyway.

Okay two things I don't want to forget.

first of all, we decided to not do allstars for soccer again this year.  really tough for me and baylie but darby was fine with it.  Just don't want to ditch the team for the sunday games and don't want to play them either.  thankfully baylie's team will be going to playoffs. baylie and I had a good long talk about it and she is ok now.  It was especially hard because this year she is so so good.  So good that the allstars coach called us to see why didn't we come to tryouts because he was still saving a spot for her which we declined (we had played against his team that morning).  very flattering though but we are putting God first by keeping the Sabbath day holy!

but thats not what i was gonna say.

the thing I don't want to forget was darby's prayer tuesday nite for dinner where she said thank you that we are all good at sports :)  ....I loved that!  Yes darby yes we are us mccoys are good at sports!  Why are we so good at sports?  (see what I did there...with the question ;)  you know how I love them ;)

second thing is actually about darby too. My friend Dana told me her son who darby has been with since kindergarten....well he was talking to his cousins and said, our class president is a morning and doesn't think cussing is cool.  whenever one of the kids cusses at recess Darby says language.

So pleased with that girl.  Keep it up!  This is especially awesome because her mother is not the best example to her...  but good thing my kids are such good forgivers ;)  that is another thing us mccoys are so good at!  Why are we such good forgivers?!

okay, early out day at school so I got to go.

Merry Freaking Christmas!!!!!!

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