Monday, September 12, 2016

Not in the looney bin yet

This is how I felt after that byu game. Seriously?!! Dumb Ute fans!!! Too bad that's like half my relatives!!! 

My friends and I went to the temple during the day while the kids were in school. Soemthing I have imagined doing for 13 years. It was really nice. 

And much needed cause I've been close to losing my marbles lately. Soooo much on my plate. 

But going to focus on this ...

Had some cool inspiration about the morning routine aka my nemesis. Worked at least for 1 day. 

Got to hang out with these beautiful gals too and let's just talk about how hard and funny it is for 5 women to find a few hours that work for all our schedules. A miracle. 

Been thinking about this quote a lot 

And about praying. 

God will even give me inspiration on PTA.. It really is quite amazing. 

Labor Day weekend we had Amberli and Darek come visit and typing this I realized I never blogged about paisleys birthday which is hilarious cause it was such a big deal over here!!!! Will have to rectify that!! 

Anyway the beach was perfect and the company great. 


Lindsey said...

Haha! Your picture is funny!! Love the one you and your friends and at the beach too!! How neat to go to the temple while the kids are in school. That is awesome!! Way to go on PTA! You rock!

Nancy Jo said...

I love all your pictures & blog! I wish our temple was closer....someday : )

christy said...

Love those quotes! 💕