Wednesday, September 28, 2016

blogger has been messed up

i have a reason for not blogging.  i couldn't understand my computer.  and then i would forget to ask jason for help (handy husbands) and then i read it was something about cache and cookies and then more waiting and then learned all i needed to do was clear my history.  well shoot i could have done that.  and i also blog on my phone and the app keeps shutting down whenever i open it so apparently blogger hates me lately.  i haven't even been able to comment on blogs so sorry for neglecting you all as well.  pretend i said something really awesome.

guys so so much going on.  sometimes i think my head will burst.

but the neat part is i have been able to do it.  it has worked out.

because when the Lord wants you to do something he will provide a way!

normally I am all about the easy simple schedule.  but sometimes we have to do hard things and he tells us to do them and while i don't know how the heck it will work out it does.

(yes i'm usually talking about pta pres, but shhh nobody tell anyone how much it has overwhelmed me so that won't be freaked to take over the position at the end of the year.


so much on the plate and guess what has been my secret weapon?  waking up early.  can't get nothing productive done at body just wants to watch tv or read or maybe the dishes i can muster but thats it.

but morning is great.  today it was 4:30 a.m.

only downfall is i need to watch myself to either take a nap or be sensitive to crankiness so my family doesn't have to pay for it later on.

working out is key too.  feel so much better when i do that.  but too busy to do daily that would be great, but every other.

oh wait i forgot about one more important thing.  good scripture reading.

wow this weekend i was way over tired (and a beast) and wow i think i fought with everyone and just couldn't feel better because i was so mad about myself for fighting with everyone and nothing would make me feel better.  ....EXCEPT.  reading my scriptures.  even if i wasn't quite ready to forgive myself it was the only thing that could get me feeling good again.

and the key to life is mama needs to not be in a funk.  because if i am, everyone is.  truth.

but no mood that can't be busted with some good scripture reading (and following on in the book of mormon seminary manual is my new favorite thing).  i decided i like study guides, i can't really do it on my own i just start daydreaming or something.  but those guides ask me to look at the scriptures closer or ask myself questions about them that i never would consider on my own.

other mood boosters for sure are dirty diet cokes, loud music, naps, good food, reading books with my kids ...but those are all pretty super facial.

for the big gun bad moods the scriptures only helps.

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