Sunday, August 28, 2016

wish i had a picture of lukes first game

I don't know what I was thinking I was at Luke's game for 2 1/2 hours and didn't take a picture!!!  But he scored the first touchdown of the season!  It was pretty dang awesome!  Jason and I were screaming pretty good!

Luke is #14 this year.

Darby and Baylie are loving being back in soccer (shoot me now with all the crazy driving and schedules and trying to keep track of paisley and ivy but soon glad I'm not coaching this year) . games don't scare for another two weeks, on the 10th.

very overwhelmed about all I need to do this week (wow hmmm this is sounding familiar) but think i might need to just focus on how to mentally approach tasks ?  Dude i don't know I know it will work out and I know I worry too much.  work in progress.

went to a pta training on saturday and was like holy crap i have a lot of work today , also thought holy crap I'm breaking alot of rules already and holy crap yes lets do this!  the brain is a strange beast.

church was wonderful.  took the most wonderful nap.  had a really good sunday, I love sundays.

was really proud that my brother in law and neice Dallas and brother all went to Louisiana to help out the flood victims with our church.  they are neat people and the church is a neat thing.

hmmm. what else?

can't think of anything.

will post some pictures.

my dear sweet paisley turns 7 on thursday and she is soon excited since she has waited so long and watched all her siblings already have their birthdays.

luke is reading war and peace on a dare from his school librarian (sneaky smart librarian)

I got to go visit my friend Tanya's new baby Bash!!!  2 weeks old and adorable.  Love Tanya my great old friend and love that we have stayed connected all these years mostly due to her persistence since this is not my strength so thank you Tanya for not giving up on me!

Jason made dinner...his specialty, PANCAKES (i always request chocolate chips since pancakes is pretty much like eating dessert anyway)

luke telling his sisters to come out of his room since he is the room Nazi 

paisley super close to losing that other tooth!

I loved this post from April about Luke and Porter as football scouts....ahh hard to balance everything in life but glad he has good boys to do it with! 

Darby is really excited for school to be out for the day 

all my girls on the playground...and the construction...

love when the kids pick from the garden and love when we eat it.  baylie loves being funny in pictures!!  


Lindsey said...

Look at all those tomatoes!!! Awesome!!

Nancy Jo said...

I am impressed Jason is cooking pancakes for dinner : ) Can't wait for Paisley's birthday!! Cute pictures of all your kids! Great job reading Luke! Never read that one....I wonder if Brandon did?

Brandon Walter Evans said...

Wow big veggies. I read like a third of war and peace but couldn't finish it

Alvhild Evans said...

I'm so impressed with your garden! Love all the pictures. You rock!