Wednesday, September 28, 2016


remember what 411 even is?  if you do you are probably old like me.

well here is the 411 on us in no particular order.

j - now in stake ym, also going to disneyland twice this week for work, what a strange life

darby won 6th grade class president using the same speech her two other cousins won with too this year (speeches can make all the difference!)

baylie and darby played piano program and did awesome.  very proud of them.  especially because that takes courage and lots of hard work

my dog likes to act like a crazy person on garbage day and bark and chase the trucks and knock everything out the window will which right now is the elaborate lego setup the girls have

finally have a pretty good system for morning routine where i don't have to repeat myself a thousand times, have you brushed your teeth?  have you made your lunch?  times 5! yes it includes bribery.

wish i could have recorded the girls talking in the microphone during the program it was sure cute.

dude cooking during soccer and football practice nites is hard.  we are eating crappy.  just not home!!

all three of the kids teams lost on saturday....hmmm ya seems the way the season is going oh well.

loved women's conference.  i lied.  i slept through first two talks completely but loved the last two.

excited for general conference this weekend and fall break next week.

thats all i got right now .  going to volunteer in ivy class right now.

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