Monday, October 10, 2016

good stuff

Fall break is over.

We enjoyed ourselves but wish I could redo Friday.  Kinda wasted that day but whatever.  It happens. and the good part is that we didn't drive in the car so that counts for something.  So much driving all the time.

Good news is Jason fixed our car door handle wahoo.

Yesterday we went and heard Sophie C give her farewell talk and I cried like I was her mother the whole time.  The spirit was so strong and she did such a great job.  Neat to see kids grow up to be adults and reach their potential that you seen developing their whole life.  And even more special knowing the good she will do in Brazil in sharing the gospel of Christ and how much that will change and effect her with 18 months of service that she is giving so much up to be able to serve the Lord.  Missions are so cool.  It was really neat to hear about how she prayed for bravery when she felt herself as a young teen want to hide her faith when she started to realize how different it made it.  But then she said she decided to beat everyone to it and label herself as Sophie the Mormon and how that made her more accountable for her actions with everyone watching as she tried to be who she was and represent Christ.  And she talked about how grateful she was for her friends who accepted her and helped her make good choices and stick to her values.  I'm telling you, the tears kept leaking out of my eyes.

And cool because Luke got to pass the sacrament with Owen which was a neat sight to see too. Especially since they have been friends since diapers.

Goodness though so much sadness too with the police who were killed in Palm Springs, my heart aches for their with a 4 months old in her 20s and one a father of 8 so close to retirement!  And don't even get me started on politics.  The only thing I will say about that is I don't understand why people are surprised when they hear more bad stuff about the candidates...couldn't you see thats who they are?  Nothing could make me vote for either one of them, I'm voting 3rd party and saying lots of prayers.

Have been listening to all the conference talks I missed or wasn't paying good enough attention to in general conference and they are wonderful.

Guys, Baylie made a cake by herself on Saturday that I was too tired to do.  And then her and paisley made top ramen last nite.  It is awesome.  Basically I'm just trying to copy my sister lindsey and have them learn how to follow a recipe on their own instead of me giving them directions while we are cooking which is a major shift and much needed!

My prayer list seems very long right now.  Lots of people who need extra love and support.  Thankfully I know God has enough for all of them.

Baylie scored another 2 goals at her soccer game!  She is on fire!

Holy hotness though California could you please cool down? We melted with the sports in the sun and still 95 degrees!

The girls and I watched Pride and Prejudice (the Kiera Knightly one) on Saturday nite when I could not handle another violent action movie and it was awesome.  Luke came in at the end and told me (and later the finnigans the next day) that he wants to be Mr. Darcy for halloween!  Holy moly don't know how we will pull that one off but sounds great.  I told him might be even better next year when he can go to the stake dance!!!  (especially since I think he plans on being Mr. Darcy in character too at dances :)

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Nancy Jo said...

Mr Darcy for Halloween! I laughed out loud on that one!!! That's a good one Luke!