Monday, August 22, 2016

What's been up

Ok I think my freak out is over. No promises. 

But volunteered at school and got some Pta stuff out of the way that had been giving me some anxiety and now feeling better. I just keep thinking about this quote I heard from Lindsay Sterling in a youth face to face ... She was talking about her nerves about recording her second album and when she prayed the spirit told her "I wouldn't bring you this far to let you fail" ... No He wouldn't. So that's what I'm gonna remember this year. 

Gosh I love my family. They sure can make me crazy sometimes but sure lucky to have them! Even the cranky teenager! 

It's that time of year again. Holy crap I did not want to do this. But sure feels good when it's done. I prefer steam canning method. Faster than water bath and less cumbersome. 

Our school is under contruction FYI but spied Ivy on the playground. This was before she started pushing the bikes from behind so fast that the person would tip... Ya . 

My golden twins 

Trying new hair dos... Holy crap we got a lot of hair to do over here. Please send tips. Bless you Baylie for helping do hair. 

When it's so hot in the house this is what we do to rest. Watching studio c on YouTube

Darby's latest drawing ... Love her creativity and talent! 

The messy part of canning pears. Made all my kids help me peel. Watched Netflix show stranger things when kids were at school. That's how I can do creepy... while I'm pre occupied doing something else and only half watching the other on a small screen . 

Oh yes and in the day. 

The end. 


Lindsey said...

Impressed with your canning skills! I need them! You are awesome! Love seeing pictures of your kids. Miss them. xo

Nancy Jo said...

Ditto Lindsey's comments. : )