Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Operation rest and relaxation is failing!!!

Holy crap I'm tired.  How many days have we been in school? 

Good news my family actually will have dinner tonite.  I finally made this bread braid thing that Claire had told me about. 

100 degrees please go away because I'm a sweaty sweaty mama. 

we are liking walking to and from school which is a new thing for us.

soccer has now started...

football is 6 days a week.

realizing that I really need to figure out how not to exhaust myself while the kids are gone so I don't go loopy when they are  home.

mornings are still like what???  Ivy changed 4 times today and is having no fun wearing socks. 

But we will prevail!!!!!! 

I got a neat chance although maybe bad go clean the Los Angeles temple and it was a neat experience.  Who would have guessed the longest I have been in the celestial room would be cleaning the wood furniture which I think is original from when I was underneath it trying to see if there was dust somewhere since it will already very clean anyway...which means from the 50s and such great condition.  Reminded me of my grandmas furniture actually and hers looked so good as well.  What we take good care of lasts for a long time.

What else did I learn?  The celestial room is still the celestial room even when its being cleaned.  Walking in that room has an impact. 

And why were we cleaning things that already seemed clean?  So they would stay clean!  Reminded me of the weekly sacrament....same principle. 

It was also really neat seeing such good happy familiar faces inside of my fellow stake members.  and the strangers you meet, we are not strangers by brothers and sisters like the rest of our inhabitants on the earth.  

Dear Los Angeles temple, how I love you.  But I probably won't come clean you the 2nd day of school next time ;)  Still learning the ropes of how this all my kids in school is working. 

and olympics...

Kerry Walsh Jennings...ahh!!!  so sad for your loss but love how much you love motherhood!  The only good thing about you losing is I'm a little tired of seeing so much of your bum ;)  but it is a nice looking bum for sure!  
 and Allyson that loss was so painful for me.  I was so rooting for you!!!  So funny how much we feel for these people after hearing their stories.  When they lose I think about probably much longer than is normal .

and speaking of stories. we are praying for the people flooding in Louisana.  How can we help you from California I am not sure. 

had a relief society president meeting today and sure do love those ladies I work with.  Love my PTA ladies too.  I sure do know lots of lovely ladies! 

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