Sunday, August 14, 2016

Last bits of summer

Summer we loved you. 

Thank you for some great weather. 

Thanks friends for letting us swim in your pools. 

Thanks aquatic center for passing Ivy so she could love the high dive. 

Thanks for my great tan. 

Thanks for all the wonderful we got to see! 

Baylies poor cold sores. Only 1 time the summer!! 

Ahhhh paisleys drawing !!! They really are princesses ...'all girls are' (name that movie) 

Finding our favorite book that got returned at a second hand book store...goldmine!! 

Luke playing Pokemon go everywhere we go... (He is on the red team) 

Football allllll summer long ...go Grizzlies! 

Gosh I'm gonna miss these girls playing together. Best friends (who sometimes hit each other) 

Blow drying paisleys golden hair. 

Seeing some similarities with her big brother 

Sneaking to a waaaay last minute play at my favorite theatre. I was proud of myself for being spontaneous and crazy. Discount tickets right before the show. 


Brandon Walter Evans said...

Nice fam foto. Sad lip.

Nancy Jo said...

What a wonderful family you have! Fun summer! Sorry about cold sores.