Friday, August 12, 2016

In denial

Oh my goodness, has it really been this long since I have written on my poor deneglected blog?  Ironically have had a million things to want to say on here but didn't have time or energy to put into it so now those moments have past...

moral of the story...

better to slap a little something together than nothing at all...

5 minutes is better than nothing...


Soooo.....we went to Alabama.  And then I had a very hard time leaving Alabama.  Like started tearing up even 2 days before the trip ended even thinking about it.  Even though it rained at the beach (not easy to entertain kids in a beach town in a hotel when its raining) but we did it.

Quick thoughts on Alabama trip

1.  Wow I sure do miss my family, they are great.

2.  The water and beach in the Florida panhandle is just as wonderful as our Disney Cruise to the Bahamas

3.  I think I might be a lake person over I beach person....which I had forgotten and is saying alot.

4.  Should have ridden on the tandem bike more!!

5.  I could easily live and raise my family in Alabama and have a wonderful life. I could see myself doing that. 

6.  I cannot think about living and raising my family in Alabama if I am to enjoy the life I have in California. But I would like to get back there more frequently than we have (not sure how that will happen)

7.  One must bloom where we are planted.

8.  My new nephew David is really really cute.

9.  I really love that Dothan ward.

10.  Could not get over the landscape there...Green and green as far as you can see.  So much green, my eyes had not seen that in a long time.

11.  My parents spoiled us good.  My mom had even gotten us toothbrushes for our stay with them...she is still trying to take care of us. She is pretty great.

12.  My dad still tells really good stories to the kids.

13.  Holy crap that place is hot.  The family pictures was like Who can sweat the most??

14.  Lindsey is a wonderful outfit coordinator for pictures, people should hire her.

15.  I love going to see the movies with my family (Ghostbusters)

16.  Shoot, how many numbers can I last???  The food in Alabama is hard to beat.  Gradys...Mama Rosas, Things and Wings, Mikata....I mean come on!!!

17.  Wish I would have connected with more friends there but really when one sees ones family so little one just has to seize the moment and be with them

18.  Driving Grandpa's Dalton mini van around was pretty neat.  Haven't ridden in that since college I think.

19.  My parents are the king and queen of toys.  They have the best ones and I love their sense of adventure and fun.  My mom's car is pretty fun too...

20.  Sure do love seeing the cousins together.  They sure love each other so much.  Almost as much as their parents do!

last note...if you want to catch Pokemon in Dothan, Landmark Park is a goldmine!  And also has some freaky freaky looking spiders that will give you nightmares if you are from the city and not used to that anymore. so win win.  ps. also ask us about the northstar.  I think the gift shop there was the kids favorite thing!

I had forgotten how much it rains there.  Frankly I had forgotten alot.  Which is probably good because I don't want to be sad that I'm not there.  Its hard.  Wish I could live parallel lives because I cannot even imagine leaving my friends in california.  California feels like home.  and after a good day of being moping and sad, I woke up the next morning with a thought from the spirit and shook off the gloom.


Brandon Walter Evans said...

I was just talking to Aunt Jan about in Heaven or Millennium, should have plenty of time to see people.

Nancy Jo said...

We miss you! It's not the same without you! Btw it rained more this week with Courtney here than when you were here.

Dr Nathan Pfister said...

Miss you most!!

Amber Byrd said...

The Dothan ward loves you too!!