Friday, June 17, 2016

I V Y 5

Ivy is five!!!!!!!

Can't hardly believe it!  But we sure love her!

And Ivy bless her did not ask for crepes for breakfast which is so awesome for me!!  She wanted toast and eggs. and macaroni for dinner.  Done!

Her nana spoiled her rotten and we got her an 'American Girl' Doll so now all the girls have them and can play/obsess.  For dessert Ivy wanted chocolate and peanut butter ice cream...another win for mom!

I felt a little guilty we didn't have a party but we had a great family day and still saw friends at the pool.  Her little BFF Baylee made her a cake! and we brought otter pops to share.

Paisley like the rest of the sisters are always pretty jealous when opening presents but Paisley also has to wait til SEPTEMBER for her birthday which feels like a million years when you are 6.  I told her I tried to get her here in June but she didn't want to come then which is a true story.  At least the part about me trying earlier.

In the end everyone was happy.  We watched Zootopia after swimming...which the line Ivy keeps reciting is 'blood blood blood...death' which sounds awful if you don't know the movie.  Then while we were waiting for dad to come home Ivy was like, lets go to Chuck E cheese.  And we thought, why not?  (bless having a job!) and it was great.  Luke skipped football practice to stay with us that nite.

Stuff about ivy is she is my bud.  She loves to say prayers.  She loves to swim and has gotten great at it!  She loves the singing primary songs. She loves to play animal jam, starfall and the friend magazine on the computer.  She loves noodles with butter and salt.  She prefers adult food to kid food and pretty much likes everything....  She loves playing the game Go fish .  She laughs hysterically when she takes your card.  She loves her 'purple blankie' which has no purple in it but is red.  She loves Rusty and her family and Jesus.

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Very cute pictures and kids