Monday, June 13, 2016

Happy things

This weekend was emotional.

Saturday was super super busy but we got to participate as a family in our stake youth conference, with the reenactment of Christ's visit to America.  We were nephites and Jason also played Nephi and had to recite 2 Nephi 33...memorized.  At one point Luke's character hugged Christ and those were real tears I was crying.  So easy to imagine what it will be like to see Him.  What a magnificent day that will be.

Saturday we also found out our missionary Sister Yochim was coming home!  After a thorough inspection of her on Sunday ;)  she is doing AMAZING!  MISSIONS ARE SO AWESOME!  Glad to see her...lots of laughing and good times.

And then on Sunday, realized before church it was Anne Franks birthday.  And so I told my children about her and her bravery and goodness and resilience.  And at church we had a lesson about True GREATNESS ...and the small and simple ways that it is achieved.  Daily simple acts piled into many.

As we left church we heard news of the Orlando shooting, and how sad that was to hear!  Praying for those families and unanswered questions.  But then goodness still wins because of the outpouring of support for them and unity among us as Americans and humans really.  All the people lined up to give blood was a neat thing to see.

Today was our first real day of summer.  And it was pretty dang perfect.  Even cooked dinner.  We weeded in the garden together and got super muddy.  We went swimming and to the grocery store.  Darby played at Kelseys and there was video games and tv shows.

Tomorrow in my youngest's birthday.

This summer I have no schedule or system or plan.  Nothing just seems to come to me.

My only goal is to enjoy my children and be a happy mom.  :)  Whatever that takes.


Brandon Walter Evans said...


Alvhild Evans said...

So neat that the whole fam got go be in that play! What are you growing in your garden this year?

Lindsey said...

Great pictures and update! What an awesome experience in that play!!

Nancy Jo said...

I would have loved to see that play! Maybe in 4 years : ) Love the pictures! Tell Christy Hi!

Mindy said...

Jason makes a good Nephi!