Thursday, June 9, 2016

My babies are growing up

This little girl is almost 5 years old. She is finished with preschool but doesn't want to start kindergarten because she is dreading getting her shots. We sure do love her! So glad for my #5!! 

I have such a bad memory I can't remember if put this picture in already but this is Darby at colonial day!

What am I going to do without my shopping buddy next year? Our family is so big we have graduated to the flats instead of regular carts . 

And I love seeing this cute lady at SAMs. She is always super accessorized and her nails bedazzled. 

Here is one picture from the movie nite at school. Ya know the one where we had to order 67 pizzas and I was sweating with stress? 

Me trying to get Ivy to nap in cart . Didn't work. Or maybe she was just so excited to be at Walmart . 

Luke and Ivy have both had no school this week and been hanging out a ton. 

Darby and her teeth!!! She is desperately trying to pull some since the other ones broke through. I found this picture on my phone. :) 


Lindsey said...

67 pizzas!! Love all the pictures!! Such cuties. Love colonial day and the update on everyone. Cute Ivy is going to be 5! Hooray! shots are not fun!

Mindy said...

I can totally relate to the fear of shots! Let's just say it's been less than a year since I got pricked for the first time without tears. Tell her I believe in her and that if she can get through it without crying, she's braver than me! :-)