Tuesday, May 10, 2016

strange mothers day

have no cute mothers day picture to show you because the stomach bug hit!

Luke spoke in church (which he did well at but seriously tortured me the weeks prior with all his complaining!!!) which means I was NOT going to miss it.

We need to redo this tradition in our ward where the relief society does treats for the women on mothers day?  Seriously?  What the?  It was fun the first year...maybe...but dude we need to end that.  It was my idea to do a yogurt bar (parfaits) cause I have been craving one but doh we should not be skipping sunday school and running around to make it happen!  not on our one day off (cough, ya right)

I am so mature (cough) that I don't sign up to do the fathers day treats cause i'm annoyed they don't do it for mothers day.

p.s the church is true.  for sure.  super duper true no question ever.

but heck we are just people and sometimes people get themselves into dumb traditions they need to figure out how to stop ;)

but my children are my treasures.  even if they were giving me a hard time at church.  I'M TALKING TO YOU IVY!  Good thing you and Baylie sang so sweetly.

and I got a nap.  pretty much the rest of the day was just movies, shows, whatever cause I started not feeling good either.  "I thought we don't watch shows on Sunday mom?"  "We do when we are sick!"

Luke and Jason made eggs and toast for dinner.  That is Luke's speciality (mental note:  teach the boy how to make steak!)  it was lovely and I really love breakfast for dinner.

really all my complaining and fussing, my children are my treasures.  sometimes they feel like my only treasures but after we cleaned up the house and Jason finally hung my mirror I was like I do still like this place, lets hold off on burning it down now (first world problems people!).

I felt like that bird in the dr. suess book.

"i love my nest!  In all the world, my nest is best"  after she discovers after searching that her old nest was really her favorite one.

jason is the poor man bird who is following around that crazy mama bird trying to make her happy ...hopefully he would be equally sad if he thought I was eaten by a cat.

So even though some days I feel like cinderella (crabby cinderella), I will try to channel my inner bird and love my nest.  The birdies are easy to love thats a given.

p.s. i secretly recorded lukes talk so jason could hear it.  audio only.  hehehe


Heather said...

Our Bishop does the Mother's Day treats which means his wife and daughter do it. lol The RS, YW, and Primary presidencies are asked to do Father's Day treats. It would be better if we had RS first, but it's last.

Brandon Walter Evans said...

Our ward used to have men get stuff for women but I think really a woman was behind it doing it and it stopped. And our ward has a woman speaker every year

Amber Byrd said...

The Best Nest is one of my favorite books 😊

Phillips Family said...

Yes! They need to change that! In Our Ward our High Priests are in charge of getting treats for the women! They always have men speak and bishop always does a lesson with all the women 2nd hour! It is so lovely to have the entire Sunday off!

Phillips Family said...

The men even take over all of primary so all women can be in the lesson!

christy said...

You should speak up and let the RS pres and bishopric know that's not cool. The men do Mother's Day and the women do Father's Day. I would. I also let them know in ward council that I don't ever want my family all speaking together in sacrament ever again because it's like I have to write five talks. No thanks!

Nancy Jo said...

I love the mom mom mom mom quote

Lindsey said...

You are the best mom ever!!!