Thursday, May 5, 2016

Good and Bad

Ivy miraculously slept so awesome the other nite even while she couldn't go 30 minutes without being sick.  When Paisley came into our room this morning and she heard me telling Jason that Paisley said, "Its because I prayed for her!"

Thankfully Ivys sickness was extremely short lived.


okay that the was sweet one.

duuuude.  Why are my children like the worst listeners and most fighting and talk back the week of mothers day?  or is that I just expect them to be better considering they have been prepping and making me cards in school this week.

biggest tip...always always have bottom feeder expectations.

My house is a mess.  feel like I have failed Marie Kondo.  Seriously though..... all I do is put stuff away!!!

Oh how ironic that the thing I am the least good at is the thing that I have to do the most!

But my children are my treasures!  Just not helping them be neat and tidy as much as I should!  I swear mothers day feels a lot like guilt day sometimes too!


and lets not even talk about the REPUBLICAN PARTY!!!!

you have disappointed me over and over.

Seriously I just cannot see how the Bible Belt, proclaimed Christians could vote in the least Christian candidate in the history of ever???  AND THE REST OF THE NATION except UTAH, BLESS YOU UTAH MORMONS! agree with them!  Really people who like that guy have you actually listened to what he says?  I have defended the Republican Party for years living in California but WOW!!!  the extremist are in such full force this year!  Where is the rational conservative thought?  Where is the moral compass? 

The ironic thing is the data and polls all show he cannot beat Hillary. So good job GOP you keep pushing out the same demographic candidates and expecting different results.  White older rich guy is not working. Seriously this is like the third time!  I used to think it was a public relations problem but now realize it's the people who vote problem. 

I am officially writing in my vote. (Either Romney, Ryan or Rubio... Ben Carson lost my vote when he endorsed T!!) 


Just signed up last nite for another round of pta business and hope i don't mess it up.

anyone know how to order pizzas for a school wide movie nite?


Now i'm going to go drink a diet coke and put on some makeup :)  and brush ivy's hair


Beth said...

Dude, for real on all accounts! Something in the air with the kids. Maybe they like hearing my annoying mom voice. That must be it! Also, yes - what about people like Nikki Haley?! Where are the awesome Republicans, because there are some really good ones. I just heard an interview saying if T wasn't a celebrity, he would've NEVER gotten this far based on what is coming out of his mouth alone. I for one would like to have some good choices, great debates, and a proud vote come November! We can do so much better, right? Why are the rational voices not being heard. Any WHY by the time we can primary vote in CA is there basically NO ONE on the ballot anymore. That is not the voice of the people.

I like to tell myself, too, that summer is coming and my kids are getting all their cranky stuff out now, so that they're complete angels by summertime ;) (Maybe me, too.)

Brandon Walter Evans said...

First of all Utah voted for Cruz. Have you heard his views? At least Trump bad. He is for the wall and also said something like Muslims neighborhoods need to be police monitored camps. But I'm not defending South on racism, they got it. Aslo, if you are going to write in vote you might as well go all the way down the rabbit hole. I am thinking L. Whitney Clayton, pres vote. Donald L Hallstrom, vp. Alvhild is thinking of writing Elder Ballard/Elder Hallstrom ticket. Cute P story.

Heather said...

It's really sad that our choices will probably be a Trump or Hillary. The system needs fixing.