Sunday, May 15, 2016

Jana and apt 79

Remember that one time I went to byu and made great friends and then don't get to see them hardly ever?

well the best thing about college was definitely the people I met and Jana was one of them! And now she is a mom of 7!! So when she said she was going to Disneyland and thankfully the stars aligned and I got to see her even just for a short bit! And meet her cute family! 

Oh yes and Jana and I are the same height!! 

Oh yes and here are little minis that could be future roommates one day! Rosie and Ivy! 

That Ivy is pretty amazing. We were in the car for 4 hours that day and we had to be back before school pickup and only rode one ride! 

Between this and this big PTA event the next day I was pretty beat by the end of the week but it was so worth it!!!! 

Shhhh don't tell her sisters she met belle they haven't yet and she is one of their favorites! 


Alvhild Evans said...

So cute!! Ivy is getting so big!! Love her long hair! That is such a sweet picture with belle!

Lindsey said...

Ivy is beautiful and so fun to see Jana and her family!!