Thursday, May 19, 2016

Coming up with titles is too hard

My cilantro always dies and its growing!! Too bad I have have had no desire to cook with it lately. 

I love this self portrait of baylie. We knew it was her because she is the only blonde in her class. And then I realized paisley was too! Funny! 

But I loved what she said about herself! Never lose this Baylie!!!! 

Ivy taking selfies of herself in her swimsuit at panera ... Totally normal . She was doing Disney side app her favorite thing. 

These girls love each other so much this is before school. 

When the heck is school over cause we are sick of making lunches and homework! 

New favorite show : wolfblood on BBC 

Fav quotes last couple days 

We have been playing catch with baseballs lately and baylie came in all hot and sweaty " I want to quit but don't want Luke to feel bad" hahahah 

My arm is sore it's been a while since a threw a baseball but wow I don't drop hardly any balls unlike football so better for my ego. 

Was having a bit of mommy pms and Darby said ' Your pretty on the inside ' ha! Love you Darby! 


Alvhild Evans said...

Darby's so sweet! Did you give her candy for saying that? Ha! And I love that baylie wrote that!! Broccoli is pretty gross! ;)

Brandon Walter Evans said...

Cute kids

Lindsey said...

Your children are so wonderful and sweet. So awesome they love to play together. Darby is so thoughtful. Loved Baylie's picture and description.