Sunday, May 15, 2016

I need Sunday's

Luke sharing his ear buds Saturday with paisley. Love his iPod shuffle because now he is singing all in the house! But now I just have to monitor that they aren't always in his ears!!! 

Jason did not want to take a picture but it must be documented that he has recently installed two ceiling fans with lights and makes the kids rooms so much better! Love how handy he is something I did not realize when we were dating. 

Ivy walked to school with grandma b and it was adorable! 

Luke has found a new talent lately!!! He is wonderful with little kids! (Ok so already knew that one but still) he had this little minature posse he was playing football with one afternoon when we went swimming. 

Ivy wore flip flops which weren't quite up to par so Jason had to carry her most of it! 

Oh yeah I finally got me a fanny pack! I love it! Now everyone wants one! Think it would be a fun thing to collect! 

Seriously though. Sunday's are the best. 

Church was wonderful . Great speakers and good lessons and I got to sub baylies class. Took a nap, read a book. We ate outside. Luke helped make chicken pot pie. Then when on our new favorite walk in nature. (We took dahvid with us!) 

Sunday's are a delight! #hisday

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christy said...

We have 1pm church right now, I hate it. no naps or afternoon walks.