Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Long days short years

My friend amber has that blog name and wow how true that is!! 

My days with my one little one at home are numbered ...literally like 1 month left and trying to enjoy it the most. 

Love how much the girls love each other and want to spend time together when they get home! 

Shhhh don't tell the siblings we went to menchies when they were at school 

Paisleys whole outfit is from marisse minus the boots. 

We got to meet baby Jude!!!! 

Luke did a decathlon at school today and was proud of him for going through with it cause I know he was nervous about it. They picked 2 boys and 2 girls from his team to represent. So 6 boys in the grade (mom brag alert!) . He said they got clobbered and that it was like a really crappy game show. During lunch he said like 40 or 50 kids watched. Cool his only other Mormon friend who is a boy was on the other team. 

Ivy is sick :( hoping the rest don't fall like Dominos. Myself included. Have a big PTA meeting Wednesday I need to be at! 

My girls are now obsessed with American girl dolls and there lovely target knockoffs ! 


Beth said...

Love the knock offs! That's exactly what Audrey thinks American Girl Dolls are ;). Stay healthy!!!!!

Lindsey said...

Love them with the babies and cute picts of the girls!! Hope Ivy feels better and my girls are loving dolls right now too!

Alvhild Evans said...

You did such a great job on Baylies hair!! So cute! Love those braids on ivy too! :)