Tuesday, March 29, 2016

The moments I'm gonna miss one day

It is seriously wierd to be an 'old' mom. Like not the one who has her hands full littles. Change is strange but love the age we are in.

Totally ditched a Pta president thing I was supposed to go to and actually wanted to go to because it was about district budget because frankly Ivy didn't deserve to be dragged to it and she really wanted to buy Legos with the money sent them for Easter.  And while I have gotten this far without having to ever put together any Legos and I have the busiest week ever!!! Hear I am putting together Legos and enjoying it because it is with her my last 'baby' 


Brandon Walter Evans said...

Cute, she is starting to look like darby with a little more you

Lindsey said...

Love those pictures of IVY. Most darling ever! And you are such a good mom to put legos together with her. xoxo

Nancy Jo said...

Ivy is darling! Love the pictures! Cherish the time you have alone with her.