Tuesday, March 29, 2016

More good stuff

I have been going to weekly scripture study on Tuesdays during the day and Ivy goes with me bless her and at first I was not sure how I felt about it and maybe didn't take to it (even some negative feelings actually) but now I love it. 

Last week my friend Becky told me something she says out loud in the potentially heated moments to help her remember how she wants to act and I have been doing it and it's been helping me a ton. The first day I said it like ten times whenever I started to feel irritable... Because as my family knows I have a temper. Something I hate about myself and have prayed over so much and quite frankly feel like I haven't gotten any better.   So here it is . 

Choose to be cheerful. 
Practice patience.
The test is temporary
Demonstrate discipleship. 

Because our test of patience is temporary. And we can choose to be cheerful. And I want to walk the talk and not just talk the talk!! 

Ok now here are some pictures of my kids 

Darby showing me how long her hair has gotten! 


Alvhild Evans said...

Love the pictures! Love that one of ivy! Great quote! Need to remember that!

Lindsey said...

Thanks for posting that saying of patience. xoxoxo Love the picts! Wow! Darby's hair is gorgeous!

Brandon Walter Evans said...

Long Darby hair. Im sure I need an anger trick.

Nancy Jo said...

Love the pictures and quote! Love your family!!