Friday, March 18, 2016

My birthday - 37 wahooooooo

Ok so my birthday was the day before Luke's but wanted to blog about his first since I didn't do it earlier.  I don't know what it is but my birthdays just keep getting better and better!  I have amazing friends, awesome family.  My mom is the queen of gifts (yes you should hate me because truly it is one of her talents) and really I was celebrating all week. Also maybe finally matured to appropriate expectations and less selfish?  hurray hurray something to celebrate its about time self! After all I got a dang nap.  snuggling with my girls not much better than that.  

We had breakfast for dinner and then we played settlers of catan.  My dorky (with love) relief society ladies thought it was really funny and did a spotlight on me during church.  Jason filled out the answers and he did way better than i thought and then was off on a few that I also was not surprised about.  

The girls all drew me pictures and gave me notes and I looved them. and that Facebook is very touching hearing all that love from friends and family old and new.  Really people seem to forgot all your yucky parts and I really was overwhelmed with the kind things my family was saying I was for once in my whole life speechless ;)  truly rare.  

I conned luke to taking a picture of me.  

oh yes, and paisley and ivy opened all my presents which I loved. 


Brandon Walter Evans said...

Who are cloud letters?

Lindsey said...

Love all these picts! You are awesome. Cute RS ladies spot lighting you!

Nancy Jo said...

Glad you had a great birthday! Love you and all the pictures! You look Marvelous!!!