Friday, March 18, 2016

The rest of the pictures on my phone because I can

Darby is freaking awesome.  She mowed our whole backyard for $2. Now that is a deal.  I love when the kids want to make money.  and I love newly mowed grass.  And really any grass cause come on its california and the endless drought and grass is precious. 

Paisley and Baylie ended up in a grass war (cause I don't put bags on my mower its better for the grass and way easier) and since it had been a while they piled it high on their heads but then Paisley walked into all the way up stairs to show me how mad she was at baylie for covering her in grass and instead covered my whole newly vacuumed house in grass!  What a mess.  
They cleaned it up though...or clean-ish. 

Green Hootenannies and green awesome sauce for st patricks day and thats pretty much it.  and we mccoy sure do not have very much green clothes...too bad there isn't a pink day though we would kill that holiday!!!


Lindsey said...

Darby is awesome for cutting your grass. At least Baylie and Paisley are making good memories:). Cute St. Patricks day fun!

Nancy Jo said...

I never thought about green syrup! you are the bomb!!! Love the pictures! You have darling girls!!!