Sunday, April 3, 2016

Holy Moly

Wow I did not know how I was going to make it through this week. The last two weeks really but this week was A LOT.  PTA President is sorta kicking my butt right now.  Not that its hard necessarily just an added weight and responsibility and the buck kinda stops here.  Thankfully really enjoy the ladies I help with. Really really respect and admire them all and what good mothers they are.  We come from different backgrounds and different opinions and perspectives but we support each other and its a thankless job, especially at our school.

Went on a field trip of Darbys that I had asked to be one of the chaperones months ago and didn't realize what a big deal that was til I was the only parent from the classroom on the bus and there were lots of other parents driving the over 2 hours to go.  Maybe it helped that I had put in a lot of time helping that teacher with some tedious flash cards!!!  We went to Riley Farms and froze our buns off.  Literally I have no warm clothes cause I was wearing them all and was freezing. Same with Darby and I felt terrible about that.  But we survived.  And it was a moving experience learning about the Revolutionary War and that time period. The actors really made it!  Talk about being more grateful for living in the United States in 2016.

I can't remember what else I had going on this week because I have mentally blocked it out just kidding but lots of prayers and everything couldn't have gone more smoothly.  A couple times I felt like I was on the verge of cracking but kept it together and in stride and just clung to the fact that if God urged me to do all these things He would help me through them.

We had the best birthday party for Baylie on Friday night.  We could not find a time to do it and this worked wonderful.  She loved it and 2 hours was the perfect amount of time for me I have to remember that.  I will have to post all the pictures but she has some really cute friends at school and at church.  Living in California, I'm sure this happens elsewhere too, but I it is rare I share the same language as my friends children and that can be hard to develop friendship when the mothers cannot communicate but it is worth the effort.  I made spaghetti for dinner and a few of the girls seemed like for sure they did not have this at home and not interested hahaha!  That is pure speculation thought maybe they just thought it was barf.

General Conference has been so good.  Really take comfort it in and loved the talk from Elder Renland about being givers and receivers.  Also the talk from Elder Anderson about children who aren't from picture perfect homes really touched me.  Other good quotes from Saturday were ...

"You can have what you want or you can have something better.." Elder Hailstorm

"None of us should be defined by the worst thing we have ever done" Elder Duncan

Elder Renlund said the greater the distant from the giver to the receiver the more the receiver feels a sense of entitlement...Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are the ultimate givers.  The farther we are from them the more entitled we become on what blessings we feel we are owed.

I love my family.  Life is hard but wonderful.  Feel very blessed.

Can't wait to celebrate Baylie's 9th birthday tomorrow!  (that is also as long as Ive had this blog!)

Also could not be more grateful it is spring break!!!!  Hooray hooray!!!!!!!  Too bad we don't share it with our Burbank friends though and all our family.  Have no clue what we are doing except that we are going to take some family names to the temple with Luke this week for some baptisms.

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