Saturday, January 30, 2016

You should not be surprised by this story

Well there was lots of blood and crying.

And then heard that Paisley was biting a rope outside (??!!) and then Darby tugged on it (hard apparently!) BAM....loose teeth.  Teeth that were barely wiggling prior ....

and the news is Paisley pulled her first tooth a few minutes later (ya know besides that molar we had to take care of it but our favorite dentist did that).  and the tooth fairy came.  and the other one is probably going to bite it (ahahahah) pretty soon.

Oh yes, and this was about ten minutes before Jason and I were going to leave the kids home alone to go to the temple for the first time.  Have gone other places before but not the temple and you don't have your phone with you (which is also the nice part about the temple).

the silver you can see is a newly put in spacer. 

Anyway, besides me owing Luke moocho mula for already breaking my no-swear goal (the kid sure knows how to be a stink), everything turned out great.

Fantastic actually.  Ok so this part of the story might surprise you.  My wonderful wonderful daughter Baylie cleaned up while we were gone!!!!!!!  Greatest surprise and mom gift ever!  And Darby read the girls before bed and Luke supervised ;)  jk he also claims patting Ivy to sleep but then also took over the movie choice.  We are a work in progress.  But i made this whole check off thing they had to do before turning on a movie and then he had to text me and show me.  That cell phone is mighty handy.  If luke wouldn't freak out I would totally get Darby one too ;)

Jason has it in his head to make a tree house so some prepping has been taking place at our house in the backyard as well.

Operation get healthier is going well.  Feels like trying to quite crack though.  or so assume. ;)
Baylie and I had a library and grocery store date this morning.  Only owe the library $2.70 so I count that as a win.

tell me this is not the funniest list you have ever seen... 

also Chris, interested in building a tree house? hehehe...I heard its even more rewarding as new grass 


Amber said...

That is all awesome. Love the chalkboard wall list. And I've been to nervous to leave Ashlyn for the Temple too. Maybe I'll be brave and try it soon.

Lindsey said...

Treehouse would be awesome! Makes me want a chalkboard!! Crazy stuff always happens before you go to the temple! What great helpers cleaning up and reading before bed.