Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Ok so how long has it been I don't even know but I feel great!!!! Ya know after the big pity party and few days polishing off some treats jk I was really trying not to. 

But now I'm feeling great!!!! I forgot when you exercise and eat healthy you feel like a million bucks!!! Wow and I forgot how much I like veggies and feeling good! 

And by the way I the cutest children ever or at least I think so. 

And Lindsey told us about the show just add magic on Amazon and one of the main characters name is Darby! Darling show. 

And I love family scripture reading in the mornings especially for cute moments like this . 


christy said...

share some healthy yet tasty recipes :)

Alvhild Evans said...

I just ate spaghetti squash today too! Share some yummy recipes! :)