Thursday, January 28, 2016

Busted: Operation Eat all the Chocolate

With great sadness and horror that I must cancel my newly formed new years resolution of eating all the chocolate I possibly can in 2016.  I thought it was quite a genius plan balanced with exercising everyday, but dang it I have been kicked in the butt.  My carefree ways have caught up to me and thanks to a blunt talk with my doctor that I'm still not happy about and an increase of inflammation (dumb RA!) shown in my blood work, party Brooke has to end.  I am not really happy about this, having fully embraced my stretchy pants and good food, but have to bring my weight down.

 WAAAAAAAAAAA (this is me crying real tears)

Seriously though. WAAA  But I'm so dang sick of the up and down of dieting and challenges and restrictive eating, but sadly I really suck at balance.

So please please.  give me your healthy tips.  it is going to be a tough breakup with my current eating habits.

The second doctor confirmed this today and literally said to me I should have a shot of tequila instead of a cookie.  Ya, thats not really gonna work for me.

Okay...I'm waiting.  Got any ideas for me?  The biggest struggle is lunch and nite time for me.  I know how to do eat healthy and proven it to myself that I can just really really really lacking motivation and willpower.  and making it a priority.

Guess I should go buy some cabbage (which I do actually like)...I just like treats too...or like a 100 of them.

Good bye chocolate dreams!  I can never just have one of you!


Anonymous said...

No carbs, lots of protein and one glass of red wine a night. Seriously...I know it's not part of the WOW, but it's made a huge difference for me and my husband LOVES it. Joseph Smith drank wine. And I give myself permission to drink wine too. Love your Brooke.

Beth said...

When can you plant things in your garden!??

Brooke McCoy said...

Beth...for some reason I always forget but like March/April. Whenever i can Jason into helping me. ;)

And my friend the feedback. Got it no carbs and bump up the protein but you lost me on the wine thing... Sounds like me and you need to have a chat ;) hahahah . But seriously my temple recommend is very special to me and I would never want to jeopardize it! Love it even more than chocolate!

Courtney said...

I'm sorry. I thought your resolution sounded awesome! I was about to join you! Sorry about the dr's visit. I love ya!

Laurel Nguyen said...

Healthy tips? Not sure I'm the one to give them to you, but here are some "tricks" that work for me.

1. Most veggies are free foods. Eat them when you just want to munch or if you're still hungry after eating a regular meal or as an in between meal snack.. Don't dip them in yummy cheese sauce or full fat ranch or anything like that. Thankfully, I really like raw veggies and can just sit there munching on raw cauliflower, but I know a lot of people have a difficult time with them.

2. Protein. Have protein with every meal. I'm not a huge meat eater, so this one was a difficult one for me. I eat greek yogurt, cheese, and enjoy my canned chicken on salads. Also, I have a protein shake a like which I keep in the fridge, so it's easy. I also have some powders which I can use in my blender bottle or in an actual blender when I want to add some fruit or veggies and make a smoothie.

3. Don't eat just carbs. EVER!! Don't cut out carbs either, because you need them. Try to make them whole grain or at least partially whole grain.

4. This is my best tip, so maybe I should have put it first: Don't make ANYTHING off limits unless you truly know you will die if you eat it (or if it's against the word of wisdom). Allow yourself a free "day" each week. I try to avoid less healthy foods during the week, and allow myself to eat them on the weekend. I don't eat them all weekend long, but when I want something I know I shouldn't eat in excess, I remind myself that I can eat it on the weekend. That usually gets me through, and I can resist the craving. If I still really want it, I eat it. I figure it's better to eat one "bad" thing than to eat many "good" things and end up still eating the "bad" thing. If I really, truly want it, and I don't eat it, my craving becomes stronger. So, if I want chocolate, I eat it. Good chocolate though, not the cheap yucky stuff.

5. Make sure you're taking your vitamins and any other supplements. I am supposed to take quite a few vitamins after my surgery. I can really feel it when I don't. In addition to being really tired, I have a lot more unmanageable cravings. Like daily cravings. :) I also started taking probiotics again. I used to take them and had good results, but I stopped when I ran out and didn't order more. A probiotic from a good company won't hurt, but it might help. Your gut bacteria influences more than you think it does.

6. Okay, maybe this really is the best tip. You know your body. Listen to it. What works for me might not work for you, and that's okay. Be reasonable. Don't be hard on yourself if you have a bad day or a bad week or a bad month or a bad year. This is not a sprint. It's a lifelong pursuit, and sometimes it will be easier, and sometimes it will be harder. Try different things, but always listen to that inner voice which tells you if something isn't working for you.

Love you, Brooke! You're awesome!