Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Sisters and the best boy

Oh yes and about that championship. Wow what a game. Watched some of it with our neighbors the Standleys. 

Going back to school has been wearing paisley out. 

I equally love baylie even though I don't feel like she has enough pictures of late. She is a pretty hilarious and remarkable girl. 

And they are all lucky to have this big sister she is like 1000x a better big sister than I was. 
Wishing I was closer to my sisters today. It's Lindsey's birthday and was just reminiscing about how Courtney flew out last February and I saw her for less than a day but it was so fun and we need to do that again. Cause I sure need them in my life . Glad for texting and Instagram and wherever else we can track each other down when we can. 

Courtney made the best calendar this year and included some old family pictures and Baylie just stared and stared at our hair. She asked if it was a wig. But her and Ivy really look like me and they All thought Lindsey looks like Brenna. I think Brandon looks like my kids too some. Courtney...hmmm what do you think court? She beats to her own drum. Always has. 

My body is not acting like I want it the last few days and it's so annoying and slowing me down! But I'm trying to be loyal since we have been through thick and thin together (ahahhahahahahahah) but feels like she is betraying me at the moment. Calling the dr soon.

Oh life. Life life life!! Beth taught me that and I'm grateful for my other sisters who live by me and even the far ones who aren't related to me but feel like sisters when it counts. Dang can you tell I stayed up too late reading a book?! I'm a sentimental glob of goo today!! Speaking of you should read the book Seeking Persephone. Loved it. 

Since I can seem to get my act together of late I did not send Lindsey anything for her birthday but then said I would consider changing my screen saver on my phone which I am very very attached too. Switched it to be my ponderize scripture at least. End of an era. Never had such a good one (it was of Lindsey pulling a face) and the best comment I got from it was when someone asked if it was Drew Barrymore hahahah! Oh man. 

Well here's some pictures for ya. 


Lindsey said...

HAHA! Love you Brooke! Lets plan a get together for yours and Courts birthday!! Miss you! Love picts

Beth said...

Love that family picture!!!!

Nancy Jo said...

In that family picture, I just noticed it looks like Courtney is pulling Lindsey's hair and Linds is yelling. Never noticed ; )
Miss you. Great pictures! Sorry your body is acting up. Dumb body. xoxo