Sunday, January 10, 2016

The last of winter break

Ok if you go to my local church you might suspect who dropped off all of this stuff to my house. It my favorite Polish friend who has adopted us and loves to give us stuff. Wow like so much. 

The girls played really goo together over break there different ages don't seem to matter. 

Paisley and baylie like helping me in the kitchen the most right now. Paisley helped make cookies! We froze a bunch of dough for later too! That is the best! 

Something Cute Darby does is come in our room late at night to tell us she has finished a book. She read wonder over winter break and this the sequel-ish. 

Luke reading in the car too. Although I never have enough books for this boy so he usually rereads what he already has read. 

Marisse gave the girls a tiny tea set and they loved it!!

Paisley now loves drawing paisleys and quite the dresser must add since we had no plans to even leave the house that day. 
Wow I can barely remember what it was like when my kids went to school! We stayed home a lot and stayed together a lot. It will be wierd to be apart. 

Yesterday was spent fixing the garage of any possible rat entry spaces and what a project that ended up being! 

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Nancy Jo said...

I love all the pictures!!! Love that they read : ) Darling family, miss them, give them all kisses!