Friday, January 15, 2016

Put on some makeup

Nobody call me I'm fine. Don't worry. It is normal to sometimes get in a funk. So if you want to hear the story is conditional on you realizing that by the time I write about it or if I can that's a good sign and means I'm usually to the other side of it. 

But yesterday morning I could not shake my cloudiness. And usually I can. In fact I'm kind of good at it. But this one just wouldn't quit.  Anyway after the kids left for school I just bawled. Overwhelmed and feeling not very confident about myself (which you know means trouble ahahah ;)  anyway Ivy was like what ??? And came gave me a hug and she had slathered herself with her sisters makeup a few minutes earlier :/... Anyway she looks and me and says GO Put On Makeup. Hahha which I laughed about it. But then thought dang it that is good advice. So I took a shower. Got dressed in real cute clothes and started doing stuff. Threw out a bunch of stuff to goodwill that has been driving me crazy and just got busy. 

Makeup. And showers and wearing your favorite clothes can do wonders. 

And while taking the shower of course and getting ready I listened to two general conferences talks which is my 100% guarantee way to get myself out of a funky mood which method I have tested over and over and yet still sometimes forget. Specially the relief society conference and President Uchtdorfs talk about Aunt Rose spoke to me differently than the other 3-4 times I've listened to it because the rest of the times I listened to it I was confident and happy but this time it soothed my soul...and I only got half way through it. 

People ask me all the time how I manage with 5 kids and they are often the ones that give me perspective and remind me. They are the ones that save me or at the very least set me straight! 
This was a really fun relief society Wednesday night that I didn't know I needed! Haven't laughed that much in a while! Love the sisters in my ward! Love getting teased by Jenny A :) 

Met Darby at a walking fieldtrip to menchies . I drove . The light of Christ in Darby shines bright! Struck by this again while hanging out with a few of her classmates. She is such a good girl. 

This is the scripture I picked for us to ponderize that I got from the relief society scripture reading thing we have on Tuesday mornings that I occasionally go to and it turned into a bit of foreshadowing of my week. Although Nephis woes were much bigger than mine.  

Had such a great pick me up from my visiting teaching Kalli. Didn't think I needed it but surely did! 


Amber Byrd said...

Go put on makeup is classic Evans advice! Lol! Love you girl!

Mindy said...