Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Let's just all eat a bunch of chocolate shall we?

January is sure making me work for it!!!! $200 dog earache and $80 grooming and I'm like guess I can kiss that long needed haircut goodbye! But I think I have convinced my friend Michalle to do it. She is an experimental hair dresser like me and I'm not picky so win win. 

Have been thinking about this quote . I'm teaching relief society at the end of the month and organizing the teacher training and sure trying to ignore all my fears! president Hunter says that fear is Satans greatest weapon! 

Tied this to my car cause it made me happy to look at Jackie's face. That girl knows how to have a 40th bday party. And I loved these ornaments/take home gifts they are right up my alley. 

The girls showing me their artwork on the board . 

This dishwasher has been making my life difficult the last few months. Hopefully it will be resolved today knock on wood. Good news is my kids are better practiced at hand washing dishes when I just can't bear to one more. 

Took charge of my funky mood by investing in some good chocolate!!! Will hide from the kids! 


Alvhild Evans said...

Love that quote! So true!! Seriously you make me want chocolate with that picture! Miss you!

Beth said...

Yum chocolate!!!! Always a good idea :)

Amber said...

Dove Dark Chocolate is the best!

Sorry about your dog…and your dishwasher. :-(

Lindsey said...

That is the funniest from Jackie's party!! Hope your dishwasher got fixed! And can't wait to see your new cut--props to your friend! xo