Sunday, January 24, 2016

Don't hate me because we go to Disneyland ;)

 We had lots of fun on Saturday got to go with some friends. Luke was in heaven going with his buddy and they even went off by themselves!

Overcast day and has been way too long since we have seen Chris! 

I love Disneyland. I never want to leave and Jason always has to talk me into it and I always think it's too early but then boy by the time we are in the car I'm so down and dog tired I'm so glad we left when we did!  

But star tours almost pushed me over the edge. Why does a ride that the kids so much bring tortue for me and their dad? 

Ivy finally got to ride radiator springs and it was darling .


Alvhild Evans said...

Jealous!!! :)

Lindsey said...

How fun!!!

Nancy Jo said...

Love Disneyland! Is that silly Chris the pickle?

Amber Byrd said...

We loved Star Tours!

Beth said...

I looove that you go to Disneyland!!!