Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Just what the dr ordered

Guys I was so proud of myself for not bugging Jason at work whining about what was going wrong and what I was stressed about and how everyone had colds and then that blessed man I'm married came to the rescue in such a big way without me having to tell him. That is the stuff of dreams. And our anniversary is coming up in a few weeks by gosh I'm feeling very lucky to married to that handsome man! 

And here is baylie in a tree. She loves when she is happy and I do too. She said she prayed really good this morning and that really helped her. Gold!!! 

Oh man Luke crashed royally yesterday on his bike and was just upset I didn't video tape it!!! 

And that boy sure knows how to make himself a sandwich!!! 

Our paisley go valiant Viking!!!!!!!!!   Wahooooo wahoooo Cutest girl ever!! 

And we read this book and it was very fun. Really liked it but one wierd chapter that was sad/awkward . That pippy longstocking was a character!! 


Nancy Jo said...

Wow, Boylie looks like you! Yeah! for Jason! So sorry for Luke's crash but his sandwich looks so yummy I want to have a bite!! Paisley looks adorable! That is awesome about Baylie praying.

Alvhild Evans said...

Did Luke really make a sandwich and put leafy greens on it? That's a mom win right there!! :)

Lindsey said...

Dido everything Nana said:). Love seeing your updates. Miss you and everybody! Hope your colds go away soon,