Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas Day

Ok so I took videos and photos and obviously more pictures of certain kids but the boy is never that willing for pictures away. But Christmas was wonderful. We simplified quite a bit and the kids seemed to appreciate their gifts much more. We had talked a lot about the refugees and that Santa might need some extra help this year since some kids needed much more than we did this year. We also drew names among the kids and that worked great. Was a $15 limit and they loved what each other gotten. So we did presents for Want Play Need and Read. Two were from mom and dad and two from Santa. Plus some gifts from extended family. This year we adopted the McCoy tradition of having presents under the tree and having to hunt for yours and it worked great! 

The kids didn't wake up til 7 am which was awesome. And then for dinner we had the gruppmans and the three sister missionaries and marisse over. We played the water game and sang lots of songs with new karaoke and sister nam from Korea is a great piano player! I wish I would have taken a picture of the whole group! 

Luke got a big suprise in that Jason got a ps4! Was really proud of that kid this Christmas season. 

I need to get a picture of Darby but she got more earring making stuff and made her little sisters their own clip on earrings!! Can you guess what Ivy got for Christmas ? She hires out for one of a kind makeovers :) 

Grateful to celebrate the birth our of Savior! 

Ok so the day after but here she is and these earrings she made herself! 


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Love all the pictures! We missed being with you on Christmas!!