Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas Eve

French toast and berry compote for breakfast! 

Cute Baylie is really funny and came in wearing this saying ' I'm dad!' Get it ? cause it's his shirt ;) 

Ivy found a picture of her preschool friends on the tree in the temple visitors center . 

Jason had to work for part of it so we cleaned and the visited a cute grandma from our church who has lots of cats the girls love. Should have gotten a picture of her duh! 

Then we tried to go to our favorite place Fuddruckers but after 15 years of living in California it is Closed!!!!!! Boo hoo. We were really sad but just ate at the place next door which was not as good!!! But still fun to eat together we don't do that much! (Because it's dang expensive! Don't know what we are going to do when the kids all eat non kid meals! $$) 

Then we went to the temple and it was really nice. We were pretty much the only ones there since we came so early and it just felt like we were remembering what was most important about Christmas, our Savior Jesus Christ. And families being together!!!! #asaviorisborn

Then we came home and drank hot chocolate (it's cooold here!!!) and played sushi-go (a fun card game) and then watched the muppets Christmas carol which I slept through most of ...can't help it just so cozy. Then we said a family prayer, sang some Christmas songs and tucked in some really cute girls into bed. The boy is staying up later with us and I must say kids getting older is really fun too. :) 

Luke and paisley were dancing cute together. This is him dipping her after he sorta bonked her head on the ground. :) but the dance must continue! 

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Nancy Jo said...

Love your blog and your family happenings and your family!