Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Jason turned the big 4-0

okay so technically Jason is now 40 plus 1 day.  or 40 plus 15 hours about ;)

So we basically broke all the rules and advice people gave us.  But its his birthday so he can do what he wants right?

Friends told us it can be depressing to turn 40 at home so we were trying our hardest to not be home.  We came really close to coming to Utah (sorry utah folks) but then it was feeling more like work and Jason called it off.  He has been traveling a lot and with the funeral plus extra car expenses and lacking snow clothes...but bottom line is he felt like home was the one place he never gets to be.  Done.  and easier for us.

So then he decided he wanted to spend his actual birthday with the kids so the day before we did the kind of date we always wished we could do.  We saw TWO MOVIES AND WENT TO DINNER.  It started at 1:30 p.m. and was worth every penny in babysitting.  We saw hunger games the final one and Stars Wars in IMAX 3D.  And we ate at Jason's beloved Olive Garden, a place I normally protest.

It was all awesome!  Two long and intense movies (which I had seen already) and Jason still loved Star Wars again for his 3rd time!  And we had given the kids a big talk about not wanting to come home to a messy house and we didn't!  yay!!!

So then we woke up the next morning and had pancakes and celebrated Jason's birthday!  The kids made the cutest signs in the history of the world which I posted all over instagram so they can be in the chatbook.  He played a little of his new video game, slept in (in reverse order) and then we all raked the leaves in the back yard cause that was bugging him but hey, its your birthday so if you want to rake we rake!  Then we watched the movie cool runnings and he spent a few hours putting together and perfecting the surround sound that he had never set up properly and used to not have room for tip I decided to get rid of our old pealing couch, your welcome!

Jason got wireless earbuds for running (who is this man?) and wanted the New Testament Doctrinal Commentary books by Bruce R McConkie.  And we got him lots of double stuffed oreos :)

Last request to eat Mexican with the family which we never eat at a sit down place all together and the kids thought it was the fanciest thing they had ever done.  Cloth napkins can do that.  And apparently we don't see them much.  Yummy food, kids ate everything and what a fun day.

40 is going to be good!  Jason feels great about it and bring on the new year!  Thanks for being an awesome dad and husband.  We are really lucky to have you in our life!

here is jason bugged that i keep taking his picture...the man loves fettuccine alfredo.  
and cinnabon so we went there afterwards.  


christy said...

Sounds like a good way to turn 40! I didn't find it depressing at all. I felt 40 long ago. �� Since we had just moved all I wanted was to go get a massage and pedicure so that's what I did.

Lindsey said...

What a great Day! So fun to go to 2 movies together!!

Nancy Jo said...

We love Jason! Glad you had a great birthday! Sounds like an awesome one!!!

Courtney said...

So fun! Sounds like a great day. I can't believe you got to go to two movies!! That is awesome! And What a treat to come home to a clean house. Happy late birthday Jason!!!

Brandon Walter Evans said...

Good book taste

Amber said...

Sounds like he had a pretty great 40th. Even if he wasn't away from home. Happy Birthday to Jason. (And Paul's seen Star Wars three times too. These crazy men of ours. LOL)