Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Things in my brain

All I keep thinking about are those Syrian refugees. And then I think about Anne Frank and then the Underground Railroad and then about the first presidency letter they read in church a few weeks ago. And they are all related to me. Because the most important thing should not be ourselves. And God is watchful of us and especially when we are helping his children. And why are my kids so lucky when other kids suffer so much? We cannot sit idly by . I am a republican and vote that way... But I hate the republican scare tactics. And don't even get me started on Donald trump. I will vote for Bernie sanders before I vote for him! I will never vote for someone I feel lacks morals and integrity and honesty. Life is black and white for me sometimes and helping people who are being killed for their religion is a no brainer for me. 

My children have been hearing about this nonstop from me. There are times we should recognize that the things we talk about in church can be recognized and applied in real life. We must walk the talk. What would Christ do if he were here? But I know one day we will face Him and what will we answer when He asks how we helped his children? 


Beth said...

I'm with you girl! What can we do!!!???

Lindsey said...

It's so confusing why so many governors would say no to the refugees! I disagree also with them. God helps those who help others to make things work. Those are good points! You are so loving and full of faith! No fear! Way to stand for something!

Laurie Nguyen said...

Amen, Sister!