Sunday, November 15, 2015


Saturday was a doozy. I was a bit of a mess and it caused for a few clashes (understatement of the year) at home. All is repaired now but sure wish I could go back in time and just give myself a nap instead. 

The big news is #1 Baylie is finally better. Wow that was a mess of a illness and took almost a full 48 on antibiotics for the fever to finally stop! What a long week! Lots of prayers. A blessing, her name in the temple! Baylie was a trooper through all of it and so grateful not contagious. 

Big news #2 is Darby's soccer team beat the #1 team and we are now undefeated!!! ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️
Like dream come true. The girls played so amazing. They beat us 11 to 5 earlier in the season in a friendly match and we won with 2 to 1 lead. The girls have improved so much and played their hearts out. One of my keepers even broke her arm diving for the ball in the best save ever!!! Even cuter is the girls decided to #playforparis after the awful tragedy and did that as their cheer instead. So so proud of them and wow coaching is sure fun. None of the family got to come to the game cause Baylie still had a fever but on the way home Darby and I were talking and she said wow I'm sure glad we prayed about you coaching and decided to do it. Because we both did pray about it together. 

Ok last brag but dude who reads this besides my dear friends and family who are rooting for us anyway. Soccer Allstars games are on Sunday!!! Were last year too so when Darby was asked last year we were flattered but declined. So this year same thing but I'm the one who recommends the players. Didn't even recommend her because we both talked about it and it was an easy decision. And the other girl on our team who is Mormon and awesome didn't either even though she is a top scorer. Anyway so after the game the referee asks to talk to me. And I'm ok ya what? (In my head) and he says why didn't you recommend Darby for Allstars? I am coaching one of the teams and I was going to pick her. And I told him why.  Anyway super cool he wanted her though she is a beast on defense! Most the game the other team were playing 5 forwards!!! And one day I hope allstar games are not on Sunday! Darby said he asked her during the game who her parents were and she said the coach :) Baylie got asked about Allstars too because she is equally beastly on the soccer field and we told them thanks but no thanks too. 

Ok that is all. 

Oh yes and Jason scared the crap out of Luke tonite . Like I thought someone had broken their leg he yelled so loud. At 10 pm tonite. And we laughed about it for a good 20 minutes after. Jason hid in the dark outside the bathroom and then growled.  Luke thought he was a warthog coming to eat him. The scaring game has been going on between me and the kids for years now but Jason has finally entered...too bad he is impossible to scare back!! 


Lindsey said...

That scaring gave me a LOL!!!! I want to hear that mean growl. Baylie looks all cute even when she is sick and that pict of Ivy on Jason is awesome. Glad your girls unlock the beast on the soccer fields!!

Brandon Walter Evans said...