Sunday, November 22, 2015

Mixed bag

We finally lost. Our team. It was hard blow but really we were robbed. Biased ref and crappy call. On to playoffs.

One of the dads said I was the loudest person on all the fields. What can I say? It's my talent and you don't get to pick which ones you get ;) 

Here is our 100287th attempt at a chore chart. We actually have a pretty good system now but the little girls are now in the regular rotation :) I'm sure my house will be nothing but spic and span when you come next. 

This is what paisleys hair looked like after we took family pictures 

This is Ivys grumpy face. I can't remember why she was doing it . Oh ya it was because she remembered I didn't go to the one field trip with her even though I'm at all 99 others. And then I thought it was a funny cute face so she recreated it for a picture 

This is what soccer 'practice' looked like last Thursday. I don't know I'm kinda hooked

Got to go to lunch with these cute girls. Sure do love them and grateful for their friendship. 

And this Jackie is a keeper for loving my kids so much and for always being my devoted friend even if we don't see each other often. That seems to be the trend with my dear friends lately but grateful for their understanding. 

Ya know just Ivy reading the Book of Mormon on the corner with fake glasses and a horse. 

Darby is excited to see her cousin Vienna for thanksgiving! 

Paisley is getting good at making books at school! Love her artwork and effort at sentences! 

Darby has been pretty worn out from school lately and been napping :) 

And this is about all the pictures I can get of my sweet Luke . Super happy about family pictures . Went on a campout this weekend. Finally wore pants...this is big news 


Brandon Walter Evans said...


Amber said...

Yeah, it totally looks weird to see Luke in pants. He looks handsome! Gosh you might be right in this whole Brandon is so much like Luke bit! LOL!

Lindsey said...

Love that chore chart!! Can you make me one?:)) Luke looks OLD! Crazy! Can't wait to see your family pictures and love that you had your soccer team at your house! Glad Darby gets to see Vienna for thanksgiving. Are they coming down?

Nancy Jo said...

It's funny about Luke wearing pants : )Love the chore chart - so talented! Funny other pictures. Glad you like soccer so much : )