Monday, November 30, 2015

My blog baby

Ok so today I printed myself a present. My 2014 blog book on blog 2 print because they had a 30 % off deal. I saved $42 but it still cost me $105!!!!! Sheesh!!! I just keep thinking this is our families record keeping... Or at least my perspective of it. But while I was going through it quickly I realized how much more I would write on here. Like my feelings and insights and stuff or like venting or parenting . Just more stuff. Why don't I do more of that now?

Really cause I'm tired! I feel like I'm always tired and lucky to slap something on here when I can. Dude the idea I had been telling myself that life would be easier when my kids were older is a dang lie!!! Yes less bum wiping but bigger stuff going on or I'm older? 

Technically I'm the PTA president. The real one up and moved to Florida and while I had done nothing for PTA at all this year like not even attend a meeting they were desperate and thankfully the three other ladies who do it are awesome. So there's that.  And soccer and being a mom and finally having kids at different schools and relief society. Anyway so there that is why the blog writing has suffered. And I use Instagram more and blog from my phone more so it's harder to type. Bla bla bla life just changes. But every time I print one of those books or look in an old one I'm so glad I've kept this going. 

Ps. Today I got hit in the face with the soccer ball from 10 feet. Ouch. New appreciation for the hardness of the ball and how hard Shayla can kick. Let's hope she makes lots of goals on Saturday. 


Lindsey said...

hope your face is ok!! You are the bomb for your blog record keeping!

Anonymous said...

I just got three books printed with the discount. 2013 was two books and 2014 one. Now I am caught up until I have to print this year. It's totally worth it. I have a book for every year since 2006 now and my kids read them and look through them at the pictures a lot. Maybe one day I'll go back and do a book to summarize all the other years since they were born. lol
I laugh at young moms now and wish I had their issues instead of mine. Yes, it's physically exhausting when they are little but now it's mentally tiring and scary. The things they do now have way bigger long term consequences. My daughter will be 18 soon! Craziness I tell ya!